Instrumental abortion: midwives can now perform abortions in the same way as doctors

Instrumental abortion: midwives can now perform abortions in the same way as doctors

Les sage-femmes pouvaient déjà, depuis 2016, pratiquer l'IVG médicamenteuse. MAXPPP – Jérémie FULLERINGER

Specially trained midwives will now be able to practice instrumental abortion in health establishments under the same safety conditions as doctors, under a decree published on Wednesday which simplifies procedures, to promote health and safety. #access to abortion in the territory.

A first version of the decree, published in mid-December, was widely criticized by midwives' organizations because it provided for conditions of practice "restrictive", going well beyond the safeguards currently required when the procedure is carried out by a gynecologist or a general practitioner.

The old text was "unproductive"

The December decree required the simultaneous presence in the establishment of a doctor specializing in orthogenics, a gynecologist-obstetrician, and an anesthesiologist and an embolization tray (to manage extremely rare complications), conditions only met by large maternity wards, particularly those in university hospitals.

These conditions also went beyond those required for childbirth, which is nevertheless more risky according to the professionals.

Midwives and associations fighting for women's rights quickly denounced a text "counterproductive& quot;, going "against its objectives", since it did not allow access to abortion to be developed in medical deserts.

The expert role of midwives fully recognized

The new decree removes these restrictive conditions. It "defines new training conditions for professionals and simpler organizational conditions", specifies the Ministry of Health in a press release.

"The terms of care as well as the procedure in the event of complications will now be identical regardless of the professional carrying out the procedure ;Instrumental abortion, thereby fully recognizing the role and expertise of midwives", he continues.

"As long as they do it in an establishment that has authorization for this type of act, it does not' #39;there is no need to have, next to them, a doctor who, over their shoulder, would check what they would do", Frédéric Valletoux estimated on France Inter on Wednesday. This measure will "facilitate access" to abortion, while instrumental abortions represent approximately "20% of abortions performed" in France, he added.

Midwives have already been able, since 2016, to practice medical abortion.

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