Insults, threats, sexism… Manu, the host of NRJ, accused of psychological violence by former collaborators

Insults, threats, sexism… Manu, the host of NRJ, accused of psychological violence by former collaborators

Une enquête publiée par Libération fustige les méthodes de l’animateur star de la radio NRJ. MAXPPP – Fred Dugit

Dans une enquête publiée ce mardi 2 avril, sur la base de témoignages d’anciens salariés de la radio, Libération dresse le portrait d’un animateur bien moins sympathique qu’il n’y paraît.

New scandal within NRJ radio: after Cauet, the station's star host, accused of rape and sexual assault, it's around ;rsquo;Emmanuel Levy, known as "Manu", another star radio host, of being accused of inappropriate behavior.

This is what our colleagues from Libération reveal in an edifying investigation published this Tuesday, April 2.&nbsp ;"Behind the frank camaraderie displayed during the show, another Manu  emerges: the 'tyrannical boss' once the microphones are turned off", castigates everyday life.

Challenged by around twenty former collaborators

The host of the morning show on NRJ is questioned by around twenty former collaborators, who point out his excessive behavior, his authoritarian excesses as well as his comments described as degrading.

"Their stories describe the attitude of a child-king, often obsessive, sometimes obscene", denounces the newspaper. Among the examples cited, some mention the relentlessness of the host against certain collaborators, a grueling pace of work required of the teams, hellish deadlines, but also heavy jokes about physical appearance, about sexual orientations, particularly towards women.

Four former presenters have contacted the industrial tribunal, notably for moral harassment. Over the years, others would have complained to management, before preferring to take the exit, due to not being heard.

"The hard part is that it’s insidious. It's a permanent denigration, a little drop of poison every day", explains Isabelle Giami, who was his co-host from 2018 to 2023.

"I am demanding but I have never looked down on anyone"

Contacted by Libération, Emmanuel Levy claims not to be a hierarchical superior and advocates his "professionalism" and his "perfectionism" : "I am demanding, precise, rigorous, but I have never looked down on anyone. I can make jokes in the studio, but never with the aim of making fun.

For its part, NRJ neither questions nor doubts its flagship host, whose advertising revenues from the morning show represent half of those from the radio, according to Libération.&nbsp ;"In thirteen seasons, Manu has never been the subject of the slightest official report&quot ;, adds Gaël Sanquer, the group's deputy director of musical media.

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