International Agricultural Show: the spirit of Camargue will blow through Paris from February 24 to March 3

International Agricultural Show: the spirit of Camargue will blow through Paris from February 24 to March 3

For the occasion, four purebred horses will be present at the agricultural show at the end of February. Archive Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

The Terre de Camargue community of communes is setting out to conquer Paris on the occasion of the International Agricultural Show, led by the association of Camargue horse breeders and local producers.

The Terre de Camargue Community of Communes is preparing to sweep over the French capital with all the vigor of its land and the richness of its traditions.

During these ten days of agricultural fair (February 24 to March 3, Editor's note), at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center, horse breeders, winegrowers and local producers will work together to give an overview of Camargue culture on the occasion of the 60th edition of the international agricultural show.

The horse, a strong symbol

How to evoke the Camargue without talking about its emblem, the horse. Committed to supporting the breeding of the Camargue horse, the Terre de Camargue Community of Communes ( which brings together the municipalities of Aigues-Mortes, Grau-du-Roi and Saint-Laurent-d'Aigouze) will share its stand with breeders of Camargue horses on the ;hall 6 of equines.

A true companion of the herdsmen, from Saturday February 24, four Camargue horses will be present in Paris to represent the breed: Félibre du Claud (Claud-Luhring herd, in Mauguio) and Happy de Saint-Gabriel (herd&nbsp ;Saint-Gabriel, in Marsillargues), both male and female 2023 breed champions. For Christophe Merle, guardian in charge of Happy since a young age: "It's a great pride to go at the agricultural show. It’s a source of pride for me, for breeding and the Camargue. It’s going to be a great experience!" he assures.

They will be accompanied by the mare Vanda de Méjannes (breeding of Félibre in Saint-Gilles) selected for the Territorial Horse Trophy as part of the General Agricultural Competition and the stallion Joyau de Lou Rosso (breeding located in Cabanes).

Between land and sea…

At the Parisian show, Terre de Camargue will also highlight its local producers to introduce visitors to the richness of its terroir. Between land and sea, tastings will be organized every day on the stands: AOP Sable de Camargue wines (13 medals at the Concours général agricole in 2023 and a new label in "Protected Origin Agriculture" ), sausage and chorizo ​​AOP bull from Camargue from the AOP Taureau de Camargue union as well as Camargue cannelés from Maison Calamel in Aigues-Mortes.

As for the sea: rust and brandade (labeled Gard Gourmand) from the Creiche and Enjolras houses in Grau-du-Roi will be in the spotlight as will the salts and fleur de sel from Salins du Midi, product of the sea, the sun and the mistral. With some 600,000 visitors expected, Paris will be a fantastic showcase for the Gard Camargue and its typical products.

"We are delighted that our territory will be able to shine at the agricultural show this Saturday morning, says Robert Crauste, mayor of the commune of Grau-du-Roi and president of Terre de Camargue. We find our place in the equine hall, an emblematic place for the Camargue horse. It's been several years now that the Camargue and the products of our territory have been represented there, it's a chance", he continues.

Camargue evening on the Seine on February 28

Taking advantage of the presence of the Camargue delegation at the Agricultural Show, the Terre de Camargue Community of Communes, the association of Camargue horse breeders and Rosa Bonheur are organizing an evening dedicated to the Camargue on the famous tavern Rosa Bonheur-sur-Seine on Wednesday February 28. Herdsmen on horseback, breeders, winegrowers, producers, salt workers, rice farmers, chefs, musicians, DJ and graffiti artist… Many of them will storm the tavern moored on the Seine to share their region. To awaken the taste buds, the evening will be hosted by the starred Montpellier chef Charles Fontès (La Réserve Rimbaud, Editor's note). In the spotlight on the Camargue table: IGP Camargue rice, bull herd, fish tartare from Côté Fish (Grau-du-Roi), fish marinade octopus from the Creiche house… The Rosa Bonheur will also provide a 100% Camargue atmosphere with the Peña del Fuego brass band, the DJ Philippe Corti and Numa as well as the street artist Pimax. to which the general public is invited from 8 p.m.!

International Agricultural Show, from February 24 to March 3, Paris Porte de Versailles: Camargue stand in hall 6 of equines located at the entrance to the hall.

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