International Day of Forests: a treasure hunt in Aveyron for students from Millau

International Day of Forests: a treasure hunt in Aveyron for students from Millau

L'occasion également de découvrir les métiers de la forêt et du bois. Midi Libre – AD

Célébrée le 21 mars, la journée internationale des forêts mettra aussi le Sud-Aveyron  à l'honneur.

March 21 is approaching and with it, the International Day of Forests. The opportunity for the National Forestry Office (ONF) to put them in the spotlight. And for that, a single date is not enough, it is ultimately five days which will make it possible to make the groves known to the public.

From March 16 to 24, nearly 180 events will take place throughout France, whether in mainland France or overseas. A way "to take the general public to (re)discover trees and forests… through friendly moments!"< /em>, indicates the ONF in a press release. And in Aveyron too, a day will be dedicated to it…

A treasure hunt for Millavois students

For a week, activities will be offered both in the Tarn department, but also in Aveyron. "Guided tours, cani-kart, nature workshops, treasure hunts", presents the ONF. Which, ultimately, allows you to better understand your environment.

Monday March 18, at the Grands Causses national forest, forestry technicians from the Aubrac-Causses territorial unit will share their knowledge of biodiversity to the schoolchildren of the Aubrac-Causses ;Jean-Henre Fabre Millavois establishment. The opportunity also, for the little ones, to discover the new treasure hunt which will challenge them, all accompanied by the great athletes of the forest. ;quot;.

280,000 hectares of forests in Aveyron

The forest covers more than 30% of the area of ​​the department. This represents, according to the Aveyron Chamber of Agriculture, 280,000 hectares of forests out of 878,000 hectares of total surface area. Oaks are the majority there with 110,000 ha of forest land, or 40%. Never mind, on Monday, the Grands Causses will have the joy of revealing its essence to the new generation.

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