Investigation into the hearing, pending halls in Montpellier, collection barrels… the essential news in the region

Investigation into the hearing, pending halls in Montpellier, collection barrels... the essential news in the region

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What do we hear in the region, and in the world ?

#EARSCAPE –Do we hear the same frequencies from one country to another ? Are there any differences between a city dweller and a country dweller ? Do men and women hear the same frequencies? same sounds ? The CNRS is working on the Earscape project which will analyze the hearing sensitivity of 2,500 people around the world. Researchers are recruiting volunteers in Occitania. To participate: be between 18 and 60 years old, born in Occitania, have both parents born in Occitania or within a 200 km radius of their place of birth, do not suffer from any hearing pathology. Apply by email:

In Montpellier, will the Plaza Beaux-arts halls see the light of day ?

#PROJECT – The cultural and gourmet halls, which were to see the light of day in the Beaux-Arts district in Montpellier, the project of which was worn by the SNC Plaza-Beaux-Arts, have lead in the wing. The building permit has just been unilaterally withdrawn by SNC Plaza Beuax-Arts. This project was the subject of three appeals before the administrative justice system. Thierry Chevard, one of the opponents of these halls, does not hide his satisfaction: "The City did not take into account the needs and fears of residents, particularly in terms of nuisance. So, yes, it’s a victory." As for promoter Thierry Aznar, he explains: "J& I decided to withdraw the building permit since it was under attack. This is a technical withdrawal. We don't know today what we are going to do. We ask ourselves questions. Perhaps we need to revisit the local residents. But if we go back, we will!"

Today's number: 582

#GARD –This is in millions of euros the amount of income taxes that the people of Gard paid in 2023. In Gard, in 2023, 460,410 declarations were sent to 463,000 tax households identified. Of these tax households, 58% are non-taxable, a percentage higher than the national average which is 55%. "The Gard is a poor department", explains Frédéric Guin, director of public finances. Reminder: you can make your declaration since April 11, 2024.

Puech Haut barrels painted by big names

#HERAULT – The barrels painted by celebrities are now a trademark of the Hérault wine estate of Puech Haut, located in Saint-Drézéry . "I had the idea of ​​launching the barrel collection more than ten years ago"< /em>, remembers Gérard Bru, founder of Puech Haut. Paul Bocuse, Paco Rabanne, Hervé Di Rosa, Chantal Thomas, Topolino… so many big names who have painted on these unique barrels in the world. At the heart of the cellar, a new platform allows you to exhibit around a hundred of these works. The opportunity also to celebrate the thirty years of Puech Haut this year, including the release of a wine, "Maury 30 years old&quot ;, which will be produced "in very few copies", specifies Gérard Bru.

Wines and terroir are holding a show in Mende this weekend

#LOZERE – For this 15th wine and terroir fair, organized by the Les Sarmentelles association, 25 winegrower stands will be waiting visitors, Saturday and Sunday, at the Georges-Frêche event space, in Mende. One of the flagship activities this year will be the competition for the best wine, which will be chosen from the following three families: IGP-VDP of the year 2022-2023; AOP-AOC from 2022-2023; old vintage from 2021 and before. Throughout the weekend, sales and tastings of local products.

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