“It is exemplary, it clears inventory, it must be duplicated”: Eric Dupond-Moretti sets up the Béziers court as a model

“It is exemplary, it clears inventory, it must be duplicated”: Eric Dupond-Moretti sets up the Béziers court as a model

The minister visited all the services of the Béziers judicial court. Midi Libre – Michael Esdourrubailh

The Minister of Justice spent Friday morning at the Béziers judicial court, a “field” meeting. He welcomed the results obtained in terms of reducing hearing times and clearing cases.

Faced with the slowness of justice, which has become unbearable for many citizens, the judicial court of Béziers (Hérault) has put in place solutions and intends to become an inspiring model. This is the meaning of the invitation honored by the Minister of Justice on Friday, who came to the field to tour the jurisdiction's services.

Let us recall the context: the government released extraordinary resources last year – 11 billion euros – to save this pillar of the Republic endangered by the lack of human and material resources, aggravated by a nagging increase in procedures. But from the passing of a law to its execution, there is this time necessarily considered too long by those who are waiting.

"We can't do everything at once"

"We can't do everything at the moment "T" for all jurisdictions, but the budget of justice will have increased by 60% by 2027" recalls the minister. "Things are underway, acquired but they will take a little time, we cannot hire 1500 magistrates at once, it takes 31 months to train them.& quot;

Just before, the queue extended to the end of the courtroom, proof if not of its popularity, at least of the expectations aroused by his coming.

Registrars, lawyers, magistrates or assistant jurists were able to shake Éric Dupond-Moretti's hand and sometimes say a word to him: the memory of a common trial of a backhoe robbery in Perpignan for a criminal lawyer, where, more solemnly, the fear of not seeing his position renewed.

"Not just mutual pump polishes, I believe in the field"

Like this lady on a contractual fixed-term contract, attached to the family affairs department, whose contract ends in less than a year. Its role is crucial in the application of the new law on the intermediation of alimony in connection with the Caf.

This family affairs service, precisely, where the registry has been strengthened and the resources put into synergy, has, as a result, been able to significantly reduce waiting times:"there is no magic, we created 22 additional hearings" recalls Jean-Bastien Risson, the president of the court.< /p>

"All this remains fragile, if a contract worker or a registry is missing…" nuance the head of this sensitive service, which deals with divorces and family issues.

"We are working to ensure the sustainability of these jobs" s’the minister is committed. Who hammered home his two other workhorses to reduce delays: the digitization of procedures and their simplification.

In 75% of cases of violence, alcohol or drugs

But the Minister of Justice also discovered local initiatives to improve justice. Like the AJIR system (individual and reinforced legal support) carried by the prosecutor Raphaël Balland based on a study showing that in 75% of cases of violence handled in Béziers, the influence of alcohol or drugs narcotics is present.

"We have to duplicate it!" said the Minister of Justice. Even more enthusiasm for the local criminal permanence which, thanks to the reinforcements, makes it possible to quickly manage small crimes, to provide 77% of criminal responses " in just time thanks to the versatility" said the prosecutor, to better handle more important cases. The stocks of civilian interests for the victims have also melted.

"Visits, it’s not just for mutual pump polishes, I believe in the land and in Béziers, it’s a court exemplary, it's completely destocked, and we'll talk again" promised the minister.

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