“It’s a crazy scene!” : with a teenage friend, he enters an apartment, hits the occupants and breaks furniture

“It’s a crazy scene!” : with a teenage friend, he enters an apartment, hits the occupants and breaks furniture

Me Euria Thomasian assurait la défense du prévenu, jugé au palais de justice d'Alès. MIDI LIBRE – CHARLES LEDUC

The events took place in Vigan, in the Cévennes Gardoises, last week. While his minor accomplice will be presented before the children's court in Nîmes, the accused is judged this Monday, March 11 before the Alès criminal court. The magistrates of the seat and the public prosecutor's office are doubtful about the reasons for such a “surge of violence”.

On the night of March 6 to 7, at 1 a.m., a couple was awakened by knocks on the door of their apartment in Vigan, in the Cévennes, north of Gard. The woman refuses to open. But two individuals enter after forcing the door, throw her companion out of bed, hit him before also attacking her, then overturn furniture, break some, and leave. Arrested by the gendarmes, the two suspects were placed in police custody. The first, aged 15, will be presented before the juvenile justice system in Nîmes; the second, after two days of pre-trial detention, is being tried this Monday, March 11, in immediate appearance, before the Alès criminal court.

Came to return a pack of cigarettes borrowed the day before

"We had drunk a lot. We knocked. We started arguing. We entered and, afterwards, I no longer remember…", declares the defendant, aged 21, who has already been convicted of violence. Denying having struck, he explains that he went to the victims' house to return a pack of cigarettes that his teenage friend had borrowed the day before. Julia Salery, the chair of the hearing, is doubtful: "I have the impression that you came to look for something. Recover a debt that they would have…" The young man does not answer the question. "I know, Madam, it’s a crazy scene!", he said simply. "I'm so sorry…"

Mixed sentence and continued detention are required

Abdelkrim Grini, the public prosecutor, also wonders: "The facts are either the most absolute stupidity, or else something much more elaborate. And, of course, we are not told and we will not know. The version we are being served, I don't believe it…" The parquet " sketch" then the hypothesis of a settling of scores, a debt or a "dark drug affair". But only requires, in fact, for this "surge of violence" and calls for 18 months in prison, nine of which are suspended probationary period, with its share of obligations and prohibitions, as well as continued detention.

"Prison won't change anything", pleads defense lawyer

In defense, Me Euria Thomasian then fights for her client to escape this dry incarceration: "Prison will not change anything! That’s not the problem. This young man needs help…"

The decision falls; the defendant is relieved

The judges of the seat hear this pleading; They follow the prosecution's indictment, but do not order continued detention. From his box, the young Viganais lets out a groan of relief.

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