“It’s as if someone is strangling you”: Céline Dion gives a moving testimony about the illness she suffers from

Singer Céline Dion spoke about stiff man syndrome, the rare neurological disease she suffers from, in an interview on American television, the first extract of which was released this Friday, June 7 2024.

"It’It’s like someone is strangling you, like someone is pressing on your larynx", explains Céline Dion, very moved, on American television, pressing her hand to her throat.

The Canadian singer spoke about the physical pain caused by stiff man syndrome from which she has suffered for several years, in an interview given to the NBC channel and of which a first extract was revealed this Friday, June 7, 2024.


This rare neurological disease affects all parts of the body: "There is a spasm. It started (in the throat), (and I said to myself): "No, it's going to be fine". But it can also be at the level of the abdomen, the spine, the ribs", detailed the world-famous 56-year-old artist, taken up by She in particular.

Pain at any time

In this interview, Céline Dion says that these pains can occur at any time of the day: “I feel like if I point my feet, they'll stay in that position. Or if I'm cooking, because I love cooking, my fingers, my hands, will go into position… It's a cramp, but it's like a position where you can't unlock them,” she explains.

“I have two choices”

Last April, in an interview with Vogue France magazine, the Canadian singer had already opened up about her state of health: “I have two choices. Either I train like an athlete and I work super hard or I disconnect and it's over, I stay home, I listen to my songs, I stand in front of my mirror and I sing to myself. I chose to work with my whole body and my whole soul, from head to toe with a medical team", she had said demonstrating her resilience in the face of this situation.

Documentary to come

The documentary "I am : Celine Dion" will be broadcast on Prime Video from June 25, 2024. The interpreter of "I will go where you go" and "So that you still love me" will tell his daily fight against stiff man syndrome.

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