It's not a hallucination… an extremely rare pink elephant has been photographed in a park in South Africa

It's not a hallucination... an extremely rare pink elephant has been photographed in a park in South Africa

Les éléphants roses sont atteints d'albinisme. Capture d'écran Instagram Theo Potgieter

Un éléphant rose a bel et bien été aperçu et photographié dans le parc national Kruger d'Afrique du Sud en février 2024. Voici les photos.

Pink elephants do exist and do not only refer to alcohol abuse. It was in South Africa that a pink elephant, approximately one year old, was observed and photographed by guide Theo Potgieter in early February 2024 in the national park. Kruger. "You're not drunk and that's not the character from Dumbo", the" ;#39;author of the photo on Instagram.

Why is it pink ?

The pachyderm in question actually has albinism. An extremely rare genetic mutation in mammals that affects the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for the coloring of skin and hair.

Humans can also be affected by this genetic disease, which is however not dangerous, explains the magazine Géo . "The disease only appears once every 10,000 births of wild mammals", indicated Théo Potgieter, with from the journal LifeScience.

In the photo, the young elephant bathes in the "mighty Olifants River" which crosses the park.

This disease involves other symptoms, such as poor eyesight, since the lack of pigment hinders the proper development of the eyes. An essential sense for wild animals. Such a color is also not ideal for camouflage in the environment, which reduces its chances of survival. Indeed, they become easier prey for savannah predators and poachers.

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