Jean Vialar, student from Mendo: “Thanks to the Fondation Groupe Dépêche scholarship, I don’t have to work on the side”

Jean Vialar, student from Mendo: “Thanks to the Fondation Groupe Dépêche scholarship, I don’t have to work on the side”

Jean Vialar étudie à la faculté de droit de Montpellier. DR

Le Mendois Jean Vialar, âgé de 19 ans, est en première année de licence sciences politiques à la faculté de droit de Montpellier. Il est l’un des lauréats 2023 de la bourse Fondation Groupe Dépêche.

Jean Vialar, tell us briefly about your background.

I was born in Nice but I arrived in Lozère very young. I did all my schooling there and my social sphere is here. I took a general baccalaureate with geopolitics and English options, which I obtained with honors, at Chaptal high school, in Mende. And this year, I went to the law faculty of Montpellier to do a degree in political science.

Do you already know what job you want to pursue ?

Political science is super broad. There are a large number of possible opportunities so for a first year, I reserve the right to dream a little longer to choose later. Journalism interests me, but I've never set foot in it so I can't say if that's what I want to do.

Before entering the university course, you applied for the Fondation Groupe Dépêche… scholarship

Yes, I applied last year, when I was in my final year, after receiving a message on Pronote. I got the answer during the summer and I think there are three of us from my high school who were accepted. It’s pretty crazy, because there are only fifty of them in all of Occitanie!

What does the Fondation Groupe Dépêche scholarship bring to you?

Thanks to this scholarship, I don’t have to work on the side. It saves me a lot of time. I see a lot of students who have to work or who have to make do with what they have. For me, it gives me an autonomy which is not negligible. On weekends, instead of working, I can study or go to sports. Whether it's physical or mental health, it's a huge plus.

In addition to the financial aspect, you have the support of a tutor…

With my tutor, Bertrand Wannebroucq, who is sales manager of the Dépêche du Midi group's communications agency, we call each other every two weeks. He’s almost become a friend and I don’t feel watched at all. Rather, it’s someone who will get news and support me. I have law courses in my degree and his sons are in a law course so when I have a question or something that I don't understand, I talk to him about it and he passes it on to his children.

How to apply ?

Terminale students in all series, who are in school and residing in Occitanie, can apply. Applications are open until May 31, 2024. File   download from

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