Joy and laughter at the Café des femmes in front of Hugo Park

Joy and laughter at the Café des femmes in front of Hugo Park

La Maison réunit les femmes tous les vendredis. T. D.

Ce vendredi 31 mai, la CPTS et la maison Jean-Jacques Rousseau se sont réunis pour un moment d’échanges à propos de la santé des femmes.

More than thirty women gathered in front of the Jean-Hugo municipal park for a workshop on women's health. As part of the “1, 2, 3 Families" festival, and in partnership with the Pays de Lunel Professional Territorial Health Community (CPTS) and the Maison Jean-Jacques-Rousseau, the Women's Café was lively based on sketches introducing situations that women may have to face, such as menstrual precariousness and the role of women in general. Topics chosen in advance by Maison Jean-Jacques-Rousseau based on what the women wanted to address as a priority.

< b>Bringing out speech in general

There followed a time of discussions with a doctor specializing in sexuality and a midwife. The objective was for this female audience to be able to talk about subjects that concern them, without taboo. This is precisely the spirit of the CPTS and Maison Jean-Jacques Rousseau since its creation in 2017: allowing freedom of speech so that mothers do not feel alone.

In addition, for a month, the seamstresses of Maison Rousseau created 188 fabric pouches for sanitary protection, distributed free of charge to the women present. This Women's Café should therefore lift taboos and "show that being a woman is not an illness", states regional advisor Sylvie Thomas.

On June 4, the CPTS organized another demonstration. She invites us to discuss "psychological disorders" at Espace Castel. Everyone is welcome for this moment of exchange and information. Through this meeting which will be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., the objective is to subsequently create a Café for psychiatric caregivers in the region, with a nurse specializing in mental health.

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