Julie Solignac, from Saint-Guilhem in Lodévois & Larzac with the same passion

Julie Solignac, from Saint-Guilhem in Lodévois & Larzac with the same passion

Julie Solignac est la responsable d’un office du Lodévois & Larzac. A.M.

Elle dirige un office qui va ouvrir ses portes à l'occason de la Semaine des métiers du tourisme

Originally from Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, Julie Solignac worked at the Saint-Guilhem/Gorges de l'Hérault and then Vallée de l'Hérault tourist office. For more than two years, she has been the head of an Office of Lodévois & Larzac who is preparing to participate in the National Tourism Careers Week from March 19 to 23.

A range of varied and engaging jobs

"This year, we are welcoming a Terminale intern in partnership with the Lodève high school. She has set up various communication supports on our open days during which each agent will be present in turn to explain their missions."

Holding a BTS in tourism, Julie started as a seasonal receptionist, she then worked on animation and event coordination before specializing in digital development."There are a lot of jobs around outdoor activities, digital, partnerships, accommodation, communication, the shop or the reservation center…" The idea is to show them to motivate young people or people in retraining to join a sector that is recruiting.

&amp ;quot;These are exciting, engaging jobs, where there are constraints but also advantages when you love your territory." And to insist: "An office is also aimed at residents who can find a lot of information, visits and activities near them. "

The support of committed professionals< /b>

This is the case in Lodévois and Larzac which Julie continues to discover. "A territory of the heart for those who come to settle there. It has potential with its sites, its environment, its heritage, its gems, adds the professional. Our role is to make known what exists, to market it through example through packaged stays, to develop partnerships for new offers around outdoor, car-free, sustainable activities…"

Relying on a network of committed local professionals that the office brings together during itinerants called "P'tits Déj Brainstorm".

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