Julien Rebichon: “There is no revolt from anyone… It’s annoying”, after the heavy defeat of Usam Nîmes in Toulouse

Julien Rebichon: “There is no revolt from anyone... It’s annoying”, after the heavy defeat of Usam Nîmes in Toulouse

Les Nîmois de Rebichon vivent une période très difficile. Midi Libre – ALEXIS BETHUNE

Usam Nîmes captain Julien Rebichon reacted to the microphone of our colleagues at beIN Sports after the crushing defeat on the floor of Fénix Toulouse (38-28), Friday March 8 during the 20th day of Starligue.

Julien Rebichon, captain of Usam Nîmes (at beIN Sports microphone): "I found us& ;nbsp;amorphous, me first. We are never in the match apart from the first twenty minutes when we are in front, we have balls to hurt them, go to +3, +4… We can't do it and behind them they stick again. And as soon as we are in difficulty, at this moment, we all tend to lower our heads, one by one, me first, there is no revolt from anyone…It's annoying .

Because we take a loss at home against Montpellier, it hurts. So yes we came across a big defense… Today we score 28 goals but we have how many unmissable ones on the wings… We are not efficient enough, the pivots are the same… We are in the complete West and the first 20 minutes hide our dismay a little this evening.

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"We have to cut and regenerate mentally because'we're going to need it"

"We lower our heads as soon as we miss things, I'm 0/3 on the wing, I'm amorphous, I don't do anything. Defensively, offensively, everyone has to look at each other. We need to rest, we have four days, we need to take a complete break and regenerate mentally because we're going to need it.

Starligue: the ranking and results of the 20th day

We have the objective of fifth place, by playing like that it's certain that we won't be there. So we will have to remobilize all together, get back to work. The match against Saint-Raphaël will count and we must not miss it."

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