Karne Kaufana, coach of the three-quarters of Béziers, ensures that his players are “aiming for the Top 2”

Karne Kaufana, coach of the three-quarters of Béziers, ensures that his players are “aiming for the Top 2”

Karne Kaufana et les Biterrois ont beaucoup travaillé leur défense cette semaine.

The Béziers three-quarters coach takes stock of his troops before the trip to Aurillac, this Friday, April 19. Béziers, which is aiming for a qualifying match at home, hopes to take points there.

What state of mind are your players in before this match at Aurillac?

We put a big focus on Aurillac, knowing that certain other trips were complicated for us, we conceded a lot of points. The watchword was to focus on our defense.

How do you explain these defensive problems?

It’s collective. This is a flaw in our overall defensive system, although in the last home game we missed a few tackles and it was an individual problem.

Isn't this decline in the defensive system due to the fact that your players are focusing mainly on the attack?< /p>

I think the teams know our game. That's just it. We just need to make a few adjustments and we will regain the defensive success we had before.

For this trip to Aurillac, there was some turnover. How do you explain it?

This week, we actually toured a bit. But not too much because we are really targeting the top 2. While there have been some changes, it is to preserve players like, for example, Gabin Lorre. We have confidence in this group which will play in Aurillac.

How do you approach the final sprint leading to the qualifying phase ?

We must forget the previous matches and focus on the remaining four. It will be a little complicated because there are three moves. But we are capable of succeeding. We have our destiny in our hands. This is the most important. We know how to do good things, let's show our true colors and we will finish the season with a semi-final at home.

How do you keep your players at their top level?

The players are motivated. They know they can get something beautiful. It’s not like previous years where we played for maintenance, the middle of the table. There, if we do the job in the last four matches, we can play a semi-final or a play-off at home.

This is a major objective which implies an almost flawless course…

It starts at Aurillac which will be a good test in defense and attack. To win this championship, you have to play away. We will see during the three trips that await us how we are. It’s a very good challenge.

Isn't it a trap to face this Aurillac team with not much left to play for? ?

This match should not be taken lightly. For the Aurillacois, it will be important to play in front of their audience. This will be a good opposition to test us.

What are the assets of the Aurillacois ?

They play everywhere. In conquest, in touch or in melee, they are effective. It’s honestly a good team. It was simply a few bad results that put them in the middle of the table.

At 7:30 p.m. at the Jean-Alric stadium

AURILLAC: Palm tree – Pieters, Bastard, Manuofetoa, Coertzen – (o) Aucagne- (m) Delarue- Tison (cap.), Shvangiradze, Huurman- Dondson, Masterson- L. Mchelidze, Loughnane, Rodgers . Substitutes: Nioradze, I. Mchelidze, Burduli, Cambon, Maitukau, Alania, Neisen, Daniel.

BEZIERS: Dreuille- Storti, Recor, Tupulola, PLazy- (o) Malié – (m) Marques- Ancély (cap.), Koen, Van Bost-  Madigan, Guntherzabala, Boulassel, Akhaladze. Substitutes: Gonzalez, Amrouni, Gayraud, Hoarau, Short, Glynn, Votu, Alongi.

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