Kate Middleton's cancer: world in shock after Princess of Wales' announcement

Kate Middleton's cancer: world in shock after Princess of Wales' announcement

The Princess of Wales announced that she had cancer without specifying the type. Twitter screenshot

More than two months after her abdominal operation, Kate Middleton finally breaks the silence. In a video posted on X this Friday March 22, 2024, the Princess of Wales announced that she was suffering from cancer for which she has been undergoing chemotherapy since February. The world is currently in shock.

After several weeks of concern, controversy and speculation, Kate Middleton, aged 42, breaks the silence. The Princess of Wales revealed in a video posted on ; since February.

The illness was diagnosed in January 2024, when she underwent abdominal surgery in London. She had been hospitalized for two weeks and had been recovering discreetly ever since.

"My medical team recommended that I follow a preventative chemotherapy program and I am now in the early stages of treatment", Kate Middleton says in the video.

Kate explains that she waited to make this information public until the start of the British school holidays, which began this Friday, in order to protect her three children: Prince George, 10 years old, the Princess Charlotte, 8 years old, and Prince Louis, 5 years old.

An earthquake in the United Kingdom

The president of the National Health Service (NHS), the British health authorities, praised Kate Middleton's transparency in a post.

"We know how difficult a diagnosis and treatment journey can be for patients and their families, said Amanda Pritchard. Speaking up is truly courageous and can help others get their worrying symptoms checked", she wrote.

Vaughan Gething, the Welsh Prime Minister, posted a message of support: "Deeply saddened to hear the news", he wrote on X before adding: "On behalf of the people of Wales, I would like to express our love and support to the princess and her family during this very difficult time. All our thoughts are with you as you continue your treatment."

King Charles III is "proud of Kate for her courage"

King Charles III issued a statement in which he assured that he was "proud of Kate for her courage". According to Buckingham Palace, the King has been in close contact with the Princess of Wales in recent weeks.

At the start of the year, the British sovereign himself announced that he was suffering from cancer and had started treatment.

The palace also specifies that the latter and Queen Camilla "will continue to offer their love and support to the entire family during this difficult time".

Message of support from his brother

Kate Middleton's brother, James, reacted to this public announcement. In an Instagram post, he posted a photo of him and his sister when they were kids.

The former British Prime Minister also reacted: "We wish Catherine, Princess of Wales, all the strength possible and wish her, as well that to his family, a complete and rapid recovery", he wrote on X.

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