Kiel – MHB: Simonet spared, a nugget could return from injury for the Germans… the latest information before the return match in Germany

Kiel – MHB: Simonet spared, a nugget could return from injury for the Germans… the latest information before the return match in Germany

Ménagé depuis quelques jours, Diego Simonet fait bien partie du groupe montpelliérain. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

The MHB travels to Kiel this Thursday (6:45 p.m.) for its quarter-final second leg of the Champions League after its resounding victory last week (39-30) with a completely complete team .

They'll be all hands on deck. To play the most important match – for now – of the season, the MHB team will be complete when it's time to go to Kiel this Thursday.

Apart from the long-term injured Ahmed Hesham (knee) and Kyllian Villeminot (Achilles tendon), Patrice Canayer will be able to count on his entire group to compete in the fight which awaits them against the Germans after their very good victory in the first leg (39-30).

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All these beautiful people arrived this Wednesday afternoon in the north of Germany after passing through Hamburg from Paris. Having been spared in recent days due to minor physical problems, Argentinian Diego Simonet is obviously part of the group which will go straight to Saran on Sunday (5 p.m.).

Skipagøtu still uncertain in Kiel

On the THW Kiel side, Filip Jicha will also be able to count on the same group as the first leg. The only uncertainty for the Czech coach will be whether his nugget Elias Ellefsen in Skipagøtu will be able to play in the match.

Arriving from Sävehof (Sweden) in 2023, the 21-year-old Faroese actually injured his knee on April 21 during the draw against Berlin (32-32). As in the first leg, Jicha will make a decision at the last moment regarding his participation.


MHB: Bolzinger, Desbonnet (g). Karlsson, Simonet, Pellas, Fernandez, Panic, A.Lenne, Skube, Prat, Konan, Cornette, Berthier, Monte, (cap.) Porte, Y.Lenne, Nacinovic.

Kiel: Mrkva, Bellahcene (g). Johansson, Bilyk, Overby, Wiencek, Dahmke, Pekeler, Ehrig, (cap.) Duvnjak, Weinhold, Ekberg, Wallinius, Reinkind, Szilagyi, Skipagøtu.

Penalties in case of a tie

Since the disappearance of the rule on the number of away goals scored, in 2022, in the event of a tie at the end of the two matches, the two teams will decide between themselves directly by a penalty shootout.

Note that on Tuesday morning, 8 300 tickets for the match had been sold by the German club for this quarter-final, knowing that the Wunderino Arena in Kiel has a capacity of one little more than 10,000 places. Among them, at least five Montpellier supporters will attend the meeting.

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