“Lady Gala”, the first cider house in Rhone Gard inaugurated Thursday at La Moba

“Lady Gala”, the first cider house in Rhone Gard inaugurated Thursday at La Moba

“Lady Gala”, the first cider house in Rhone Gard inaugurated Thursday at La Moba

Pear cider made from fruits grown around Pont-Saint-Esprit.

It is the fruit of research and experimentation for three years for Niall Thibault who aims to offer his cider (from pears) to the world. Occitanie". The drink has already conquered restaurants in Gard and Vaucluse. For the general public, meet on Thursday at the Bagnolaise cultural cooperative. 

This Thursday, May 16, La Moba invites the public to discover a new local taste during a special tasting afterwork with the Lady Gala cider house. The Bagnolaise cultural cooperative is keen to introduce local initiatives. It is with great pleasure that we will welcome the first cider house in Rhone Gard for a tasting of its cuvée of Perry" . This cider house is a project that has matured in recent years in the mind of Niall Thibault. Today it comes to fruition in the light of a new chapter of life for this thirty-year-old of Scottish origins who grew up between Gard and Paris, where he completed his studies, and a first cycle of professional life . Niall Thibault has set down his suitcases in Salazac and has the ambition to offer his cider to Occitanie , recalling that cider is "a multi-millennial product, consumed in almost the entire territory before the war".

Restaurants conquered

After three years of research, testing and adjustments for his nectar, Niall Thibault says: "Lady Gala 2024 pear cider is a great success. The Champagne yeast used gives it a fine and abundant bubble, the varieties of pears chosen offer a floral and delicious nose with a touch of citrus. Its elegant palate gives it a more subtle, more “vinous” than ordinary ciders."
Poiré is made from pears from an arboricultural cooperative near Pont-Saint-Esprit and has already conquered fourteen points of sale (beer cellars and restaurants) from Avignon to Cornillon, from Donnat to Uzès , Bagnols-sur-Cèze and Pont-Saint-Esprit.  

This Thursday, May 16, “tasting, entertainment, games, yum yum” from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. at La Moba. Tasting from 7 p.m. Free entry. 

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