Last match at La Mosson, top 10 to consolidate and understudies in the foreground: in Montpellier, the end belongs to them

Last match at La Mosson, top 10 to consolidate and understudies in the foreground: in Montpellier, the end belongs to them

Sylla, Fayad and Karamoh had jumped off the bench to congratulate Adams against Nantes (1-1): they should support him this Sunday on the pitch. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

Maintained since last week but reduced, the MHSC hosts Monaco, this Sunday, May 12 (9 p.m.), for its last match of the season at home. Where he rowed way too much.

This Sunday evening, they will look at this lawn one last time and say goodbye. Under the crackles and flashes of fireworks, they will put an end to a difficult season at La Mosson where the detonation of a firecracker will have deafened the Montpellier HSC players for too long. The hearing has finally returned, the maintenance has been acquired since the success in Toulouse (1-2) and it is now only a question of one thing: taking advantage of the latter at the house facing Monaco to end on a good note, without demons or ghosts.

"It's been difficult this year, admitted Khalil Fayad on Friday. But finishing well in front of our supporters, giving them a great show would be a good thing. Afterwards we can discuss the future." A princely recital will not erase the past and this lean championship, punctuated by only three victories (TFC, Metz and Lorient) in sixteen matches at La Paillade (9 draws, 4 defeats).

The figure: 150

Joris Chotard could play his 150th match in Ligue 1 this Sunday at the age of 22 years and 231 days. The midfielder trained at MHSC would thus become the youngest outfield player to reach this bar in the elite since Moussa Sissoko (22 years and 94 days) with Toulouse in 2011. In total, since 2019, Chotard has played 160 matches all competitions combined under the Pailladin jersey (2 goals, 11 assists).

But before thinking about tomorrow, the departures of some or the contracts of others, the holidays or the international deadlines of the summer, finally hanging up a big name would at least be a way of putting a tissue on these meetings were wasted due to a lack of play, as opposed to the flashes outside. And to definitively evacuate this damn firecracker that fell from the Étang de Thau stand against Clermont, on October 8, to paralyze the Hérault season.

The team ended up recovering, to the point of now going through six matches without a setback. "It’was a period of doubt but we never gave up, held Fayad. And today, we are relieved to have maintained the club. This is the most important."

"Essence", "pride" and nemesis

By air conditioning the Stadium nine days ago, the young midfielder saved the MHSC two final days to calculate. Michel Der Zakarian does not intend to rush the ending, however. "I hope that we will have a little fuel and pride to win Monaco and Lens. Because if we want to finish in the top ten, we have to win at least one of the two", projects the Franco-Armenian coach, never ranked outside the top 10 during his first visit (2017-2021).

Last match at La Mosson, top 10 to consolidate and understudies in the foreground: in Montpellier, the end belongs to them

The probable compositions of MHSC-Monaco.

To stay there, to maintain this honorary place of “first of the second championship”, if we except Brest, dominating the ASM is imperative. The calendar did not spoil Montpellier. In addition to its status as runner-up, definitive if it does not lose on Sunday, Monaco is an unrivaled beast for the Hérault club: 33 defeats in L1, more than against anyone else, 5 successes in 29 receptions.

The formation of the Rock is a rock that La Paillade will have to move without several strong forces including its captain Téji Savanier, suspended. The final word will be for the others, those who came off the bench in recent weeks to get Montpellier back afloat. From Coulibaly to Fayad via Ferri or Karamoh. Hunger is theirs.

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