Le Bon Sens du Business has formed an association in Béziers

Le Bon Sens du Business has formed an association in Béziers

Une quinzaine de jeunes entrepreneurs ont déjà adhéré à l’association. DR

L’association, le "Bon sens du business en Occitanie" veut créer un réseau qui permettra à des quadras de peser sur l’économie régionale.

The BSBO association “Good sense of business in Occitanie” organized its first official meeting, bringing together around fifteen passionate young entrepreneurs from the region. Under the leadership of Louis Campagnac, Sharlen Micieli and Rémy Groussard, it is dedicated to entrepreneurs under the age of forty, wishing to make an impact in the regional economy.

Occitanie is rich in young talents

Rémy Groussard underlines: "We are delighted to see so much enthusiasm. Occitanie is rich in young, innovative talents. Our mission is to bring them together to exchange, collaborate and support each other." While Louis Campagnac adds: " This first meeting showed the energy and potential of our members. We look forward to seeing the impact of our future initiatives."

BSBO aims to create a network of young entrepreneurs who motivate each other and overcome the loneliness inherent in their journey. It allows its members to share their challenges and find suitable solutions together. She wishes to influence regional policies to support entrepreneurship and innovation.

For more information, contact Louis Campagnac on 06 11 99 01 32 or by email at bonsens.asso@gmail.com< /p>

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