Léana Michel, 22, has developed highly sought-after hair expertise

Léana Michel, 22, has developed highly sought-after hair expertise

Léana Michel propose un savoir-faire capillaire très recherché. Hélène Amiraux

La jeune coiffeuse de 22 ans vient de reprendre un salon à la Corniche.

Léana Michel, 22 years old, is not a hairdresser like the others. With a strong taste for entrepreneurship, the young Audoise is already the owner of a small salon in the Corniche district, rue Paul Baudassé. &amp ;quot;My mother was a hairdresser, she advised me to start my own business", explains Léana, who first stopped by through salons in La Grande-Motte then in the Auchan Sète gallery for his studies. She was also not afraid to embark on a rather particular and therefore rather rare activity. The installation of prosthesis or hair supplement. "It’s not something I worked on during my years of study. But since last June and until December 2023, I was accompanied by the former owner Annie Pradel who already had this specialty.< /em>

Strong need in women and men

The concept is not commonplace and yet it meets a very strong need among both women and men. Often suffering from cancer but more generally from alopecia (hair loss). Androgenetic alopecia (linked to the male hormones that men and women have) affects approximately 21% of the population. That of Will Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, even hit the headlines at the 2023 Oscars.

Complexed by the loss of their hair or to maintain a certain discretion about their illness, men and women take the plunge into boutiques like Léana's. It was her grandmother who convinced her to take over the hair workshop. She offers a wide range, from hairdressing to beard care.

"I fit the prostheses, I apply colors, I make cuts, I give advice on how to ;maintenance"

"My grandmother had breast cancer. She had difficulty finding a wig at the time. She ended up finding this salon. She healed, but she kept coming. And when she found out that Annie Pradel was selling, "my grandmother told me about it".< /em> Léana Michel learns in a few months  all the secrets of the hair supplement, a second skin in monofilament cut to measure, and stitched with natural hair. It can last three weeks. But it is more popular than the wig (reimbursed for sick people). "Women don't like having to take it off because you can't sleep with it". And notes that it is mainly men, rather young, who come to see her to camouflage their baldness. The hairdresser also applies volumizers, made from natural hair, for clients with fine hair. "I explain how to put on the wigs, I fit the prostheses, I apply colors, I make cuts, I give maintenance advice, details the young professional who sources her supplies in France and Germany and little by little brings a touch of modernity to the decor. At Hair By Léana, we also find scarves to accessorize with hair bands to create an illusion. Its versatile know-how already attracts clients from Sète but also from Béziers, Agde and Montpellier.

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