Legislative elections 2024: a quartet sharpens its weapons in the 7th constituency

Legislative elections 2024: a quartet sharpens its weapons in the 7th constituency

Jocelyne Gizardin (Divers droite), Daniel Pilaudeau (LO), Gabriel Blasco (PCF) et Aurélien Lopez-Liguori (RN) le disputeront la 7e circonscription. Midi Libre

The outgoing RN deputy Aurélien Lopez-Liguori will face three candidates for these early legislative elections in the 7th constituency of Hérault (Sète, Agde, Pèzenas). Gabriel Blasco (New Popular Front), Jocelyne Gizardin who asserts herself "without label", supported by the presidential majority and Daniel Pilaudeau for Lutte Ouvrière (LO).

The list of candidates for the first round of the early legislative elections of 2024 in the 7th constituency will be much shorter than three years ago. Four headliners instead of eleven, the game will therefore perhaps be more readable for voters. The day after the European elections, Aurélien Lopez-Liguori made no secret of his desire to represent the RN again on June 30.

The 31-year-old former parliamentary attaché, the big winner of the 2022 election in the 7th constituency (Sète, Agde, Pézenas), had managed to break through what he himself called, using feminist terminology, “the glass ceiling”, with 59.19% of the vote (27,378 votes). After having sent, from the first round, the outgoing deputy of the presidential majority Christophe Euzet to third place, eliminated.

Towards a three-way race

This time, Macronie decided to support another candidate, a woman, Jocelyne Gizardin, elected from the various right-wing majority of Sète. Deputy in charge of social action and health in Sète, she is launching for the first time in the legislative race without a label, supported by a union of the right-wing Horizons, LR, Modem, Renaissance, Territoires de Progress and even UDI. An alliance which weighed around 30% in the first round in 2022. Enough to portend a triangular one. Facing the left of Véronique Calueba in a pair with a certain Gabriel Blasco in the 2021 departmental elections, she was beaten by 58 votes in the second round.

The current PCF departmental advisor and educator in an IME, was quickly invested by the New Popular Front for these anticipated legislative elections. Already a candidate in 2022 for the legislative elections, he was ahead of Aurélien Lopez-Liguori in Sète by 12 votes in the second round. Finally the last candidate to relaunch for the third time in the battle, Daniel Pilaudeau representing Lutte Ouvrière. His score was anecdotal, 0.72% of the votes in the first round.

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