Legislative elections: Carole Delga says “yes to the popular front… without giving in to the Mélenchonist sirens”

Legislative elections: Carole Delga says "yes to the popular front... without giving in to the Mélenchonist sirens"

Carole Delga se range du côté du Front populaire. Midi Libre – GIACOMO ITALIANO

The president of the Occitanie Region, Carole Delga, reveals on the social network

She will detail her positioning on France Inter. But even before her intervention at 1:30 p.m., the president of the Occitanie Region revealed on the social network anticipated.

Unlike her vice-president Kamel Chibli, who on Midilibre.fr compared the popular front to “a political mess”, Carole Delga clearly says “yes to the popular front that changes people's lives through action”, she writes. Before describing her vision of an open and broadest possible popular front, .

“Neither to the Macronist sirens nor to the Mélenchonist sirens”

Ms. Delga assures that she will play her full part in it “with what I am: a free, socialist woman who has never given in to either the Macronist sirens or the Mélenchonist sirens”, thus clarifying her position a little more.

The President of the Region finally sets out the challenges of this popular front: “History is watching us: I call on each and every one of us to rise to the challenges. Faced with the peril of the extreme right, Macron is putting France in danger”, she writes, thus engaging in discussions, even though in 2022, she had encouraged dissent against the Nupes candidates.

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