“Let’s dare to face difficulties” evening: a double event around courage organized in Montpellier

“Let’s dare to face difficulties” evening: a double event around courage organized in Montpellier

Dorian Soler, auteur de “Osons les difficultés” Midi Libre – M.PARIS

Le 18 juin prochain, Dorian Soler, conférencier et formateur dans le domaine du développement personnel organise une soirée qui se veut festive, et dont il profitera pour présenter son premier livre.

Doriant Soler is a trainer and speaker. A true enthusiast of human and organizational development, he is setting up the third edition of a festive evening on June 18. During this event, he will take the opportunity to promote the publication of his first book: "Let us dare the difficulties". A work which addresses different themes but which places emphasis on surpassing oneself and daring. "It is not what we experience that dictates our life, but what we decide to do with it", explains the young author.

"The factory vaccinates"

But why write on this subject? Where does Dorian Soler get his legitimacy? The person told us about his journey. "I had a difficult childhood, an abusive mother, undeniable difficulties at school and I’ended up in the factory after high school. That's when I understood that we had to fight, the factory is vaccinating…hell. After this observation, he drastically changed path and left to study in a business school, then specialized in mental preparation, psychology and NLP (neuro-programming). linguistic). He finally sets up his company, gains clients and sets a clear goal in mind: to help a million people to dare to face difficulties. therefore addressed to people who have experienced difficult things, like the young man.

An inclusive evening

The evening takes place at the Mas comedy theater and is organized in partnership with Ghyslain Morvan, boss of the "grand" catering group. He will speak in the evening through his new project "clover", in which people with disabilities are at the service. The book "Let's dare to face difficulties" due out June 17.

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