Let's go for the 3rd edition of Wine Saturdays, a true showcase of the know-how of Béziers winegrowers

Let's go for the 3rd edition of Wine Saturdays, a true showcase of the know-how of Béziers winegrowers

Les Samedis du vin ouvrent le bal des festivités printanières, comme ici à Coulobres, l’an dernier. Archive Midi Libre

Organized by the Béziers Méditerranée tourist office, Wine Saturdays offer four festive and gourmet evenings, in April and May, in emblematic places in the region's villages, to highlight viticulture and local products.

It's the return of the sunny days! With Wine Saturdays, which will be launched this April 20 in Lignan-sur-Orb, the Béziers Méditerranée tourist office is undeniably opening the summer season. For this 3rd edition, the principle of this festive and gourmet event remains the same: to promote the work and know-how of Biterrois winegrowers.

"There are Thursdays in Béziers in town, Tuesdays in Valras at the sea… and Wine Saturdays in the villages. This meeting, the first in a long series of events, helps to animate the wings of the season", as nicely underlined by the ;community tourism office.

Four municipalities renewed each year

Four dates are scheduled for this traveling event which changes every year: Lignan-sur-Orb, this Saturday April 20; Espondeilhan, April 27; Lieuran-lès-Béziers, May 4 and Cers, May 18. Each time, the party takes place in the heart of the town, in an emblematic place which "testifies to its identity, such as the Place de la Virginie in Lignan or the Esplanade de Bretagne in Cers, for example".

On the program, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., "wines, tapas and nibbles, as well as music from aqui& ;quot;. The guests of this first Saturday are the duo Hit for two on the decks; l’Instant snack, Fifou caterer and the Huyster Cabin for dining; the Émile et Rose estate (Corneilhan) and the Caveau Clamery (Servian) and Terroirs en garrigue (Bassan and Corneilhan) cellars for wine. The price remains unchanged: 5 euros; for a screen-printed glass and three tasting tickets.

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