LFB. “There was an individual and collective awareness”, the BLMA in great shape before the play-offs

LFB. “There was an individual and collective awareness”, the BLMA in great shape before the play-offs

La capitaine du BLMA Romane Berniès retrouve son ancien club, Bourges. Midi Libre – GIACOMO ITALIANO

For their last match of the regular season, the Gazelles are already preparing for the final stages with the reception of the runners-up in the championship, Bourges, this Saturday (6:30 p.m.).

A match for butter not to be taken lightly. The BLMA hosts Bourges, second in the Women's League, this Saturday (6:30 p.m.), to conclude the regular season.

The Gazelles want to finish it in style. Indeed, the Héraultaises remain on three consecutive successes including a great victory on the ground of Roche Vendée (84-87).

The “money-time” was perfectly controlled by Valéry Demory's players with the last nine points scored of the match (84-78, 37th).

Facing Bourges, the BLMA will want to continue its momentum to enter the final stages with a bang, which it will begin with home advantage in the first round.

Play-offs objective at 100%

This remains a meeting without stakes, but not without interest. « We are preparing for the play-offs as hard as we can. We have 10 days to work. There is no point in injuring players in this match. » warns the BLMA coach.

The coach will surely rotate a little more than usual and will give playing time to Caetano and Zemoura in particular.

A fair reward for players appreciated by the group. « The team collectively lives well on and off the field. You can feel it on the pitch, they fight for each other. Zemoura and Caetano are human and this is appreciated in the group. » assures “Valé”.

They will digitally replace Alisia Jenkins on the floor, just returned from the United States after a family problem. This absence will not change the new style of play of the BLMA, plucked inside.

« There was an individual and collective awareness. This allowed us to flourish in this new style. » adds Valéry Demory.

A fulfillment shared by her leader and captain, Romane Berniès, at the end of her contract, but which should extend her adventure in Lattes for several seasons.

Charnay or Lyon in the final phase ?

In the quarter-final, Lattes-Montpellier will face the fifth in the regular season, Lyon or Charnay.

Two teams facing off this Saturday to see who will be lucky enough – or unlucky – to face the gang in Berniès.

Between Charnay, promoted without pressure and Lyon, title holder but with a cascade of injuries, the suspense remains intact, especially since the Saône-et-Loire team had won the first leg against the Lyonnaises (68-65).

Whoever wins, they will be eagerly awaited by the Gazelles.

The BLMA group: Alston, Berniès (cap.), Brun, Caetano, Djoko, Lokoka, Naigre, Rabot, Touré, Zemoura. I subscribe to read more

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