Ligue 1: after his historic Asian Cup, Mousa Tamari expected to carry the MHSC on his shoulders

Ligue 1: after his historic Asian Cup, Mousa Tamari expected to carry the MHSC on his shoulders

Mousa Tamari has no longer worn the MHSC jersey and stepped on La Mosson since December 20, against OM (1-1). Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

Returning from a successful Asian Cup but ended by a shoulder injury, the Jordanian striker is eagerly awaited in Montpellier. And this, from this Sunday, February 18, with the reception of FC Metz.

This summer, a mystery, even a suspicion, shrouded his first steps in Ligue 1. In the depths of winter, impatience, coupled with anxiety around his shoulder injury, escorts his return to Montpellier after a successful Asian Cup (3 goals, 1 assist). In seven months, Mousa Tamari has come a long way. From indifference to recognition as one of the five major European championships.

At a time when Montpellier is sinking, worrying about its future in L1, Tamari radiates happiness, carrying Jordan high. For the first time in its history, it has just experienced a continental final, ending with failure against Qatar (3-1). Behind the smile of a pioneer who marches for history, the Jordanian international (26 years old, 64 caps) awakens the hope of a team stuck at the bottom of the ranking and of a team stuck at the bottom of the rankings. rsquo;a frozen attack of doubt.

"He would have liked to win this final, but he came back full of desire and determined to help us maintain", testifies Arnaud Nordin, who returns from a first half of the season in the shadow of the previous one.

Der Zakarian : "He doesn’not even know that everyone is waiting for him"

Not the savior of his club, but a hero on his land, Tamari becomes the ambassador of a country surrounded by the chaos of the Middle East. On Tuesday, he was received in Ammam by King Abdullah II, son of King Hussein, to celebrate the exploits in Doha.

"Mousa is not disappointed. Everyone saw Jordan eliminated after the groups and they made a first final", puts Michel Der Zakarian into perspective, convinced that his attacker has broad enough shoulders to get through the euphoria to the extreme wait of Montpellier. "Everything bounces off him. He doesn’not even know that everyone is waiting for him", he slips.

With five goals, including a double against the Auvergne, and two assists, the Jordanian was walking on water. "He looks like Zhegrova (from Lille). This complete attacker is so sharp and unbalancing for the opponent that he is fundamental in a team", compares Dominique Arribagé, Prime Video consultant.

He doesn't have to leave next season

Nothing stops the Jordanian moped, flashed at 36.31 km/h and renowned for its high-intensity races. Neither a season without downtime, nor a shoulder dislocation, the aftermath of a fall in the final with gravity shrouded in a state secret. At the end of such a half-season, Tamari leaves for four months to shed light on other mysteries. "He doesn’not have to leave next season", smiles Arribagé.

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