Ligue 1: despite Tamari's opener and two hit posts, the MHSC was defeated on the OM pitch

Ligue 1: despite Tamari's opener and two hit posts, the MHSC was defeated on the OM pitch

Savanier and the Montpellier residents fell heavily in Marseille. MAXPPP – VALLAURI Nicolas

The MHSC opened the scoring with Tamari in the fifth minute against OM but the Pailladins sank in the face of the Marseille assaults to lose heavily (4-1) at the Stade Vélodrome on Sunday February 25 during of the 23rd day of Ligue 1.

And if Jordan Ferri's shot hadn't hit the post and the rebound, which hit Lopez's back, went out for a corner… We were playing the 12th minute and Montpellier would have led 2-0 at the Vélodrome. Because Mousa Tamari had taken advantage of a loose clearance from Gigot to open the scoring with a header in the fourth minute of play.

Ligue 1: the ranking and all the results of the 23rd day.

An ideal start for the Montpellier residents, in a noisy Vélodrome which supported its players but nevertheless expected a victory in Ligue 1 as indicated by a banner: “The qualifier’ doesn't erase anything, you're still on borrowed time.” The others, intended for the leaders of the OM, were more prestigious.

The Montpellier defense submerged

Unfortunately, the MHSC has suffered too much behind to imagine better. The block was too low and the long balloons, to find the Tamari and Nordin arrows, were too imprecise. And as behind, the restarts of the three axials were too uncertain, the Marseille waves returned quickly. And the tide was going to fall in the last quarter of an hour of the first half.

First on a poorly cleared cross by Kouyaté, still groggy from the shock with his goalkeeper's fist on the previous action. A boon from which Illiman Ndiaye (31st) took advantage. Then a surplus brought by Mbemba who found his partner Aubameyang alone at the far post (45th+2).

Ligue 1: despite Tamari's opener and two hit posts, the MHSC was defeated on the OM pitch

Ferri came close to scoring MHSC's second goal, hitting Lopez's post. MAXPPP – VALLAURI Nicolas

And if Sylla's recovery, the following minute, had not hit the same post as Ferri's shot…hellip; A lack of success and precision for the Guinean rear who found Lopez's hands on a new offering from Savanier (52nd).

Here is Montpellier tied with the roadblock

That could have restarted the match but ten minutes later, Marseille folded the matter. A through ball found Ndiaye and especially Kouyaté, who took everything away. The VAR called Mr. Pignard, who pointed to the penalty spot. Aubameyang converted the award (62nd), Falaye Sacko's own goal proving even more that it was not a good evening for the Pailladins.

Unlike Jean-Louis Gasset, who did not give any gifts to his favorite club. A club which has not been able to do so since 2014 at the Vélodrome and is in 15th place this Monday, tied on points with the play-off Lorient but a better goal difference, even if it was reduced on Sunday evening.

This gives the Strasbourg match, next Sunday, a capital importance with a view to maintaining. It will take less than “what if” but much more certainty in the game to hope for a positive result.

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