Ligue 1: “Do not play with the gauge at zero”, Michel Der Zakarian expects an uninhibited MHSC against Strasbourg

Ligue 1: “Do not play with the gauge at zero”, Michel Der Zakarian expects an uninhibited MHSC against Strasbourg

“Il faut être relâché”, exhorte Michel Der Zakarian. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

L'entraîneur montpelliérain a appelé à une nouvelle réaction, ce vendredi 1er mars en conférence de presse, lors de la réception capitale de Strasbourg, dimanche.  

The matches of fear continue. Fifteen days after the visit of Metz, well negotiated (3-0), Montpellier HSC welcomes Strasbourg, this Sunday (3 p.m.), for a new match against a remaining competitor, 13th just three points ahead. ;

"We are not going to repeat the same things", said Michel Der Zakarian to the media this Friday.& nbsp;"It’s an important match, we have to win. There are eleven matches left, we have to win", he continued, aware of the stakes of this meeting, similar to the one against Messins.< em> "I’hope that this success will bring confidence after winning at home, to be able to do it again in the remaining matches", estimates the Hérault coach.

"Play the same score"

He nevertheless remains hungry after the rout in Marseille (4-1) last Sunday. Which put the MHSC back in the face of its chronic irregularity. "It doesn't surprise me because it's happened to us several times already" this season, breathes Der Zak, irritated by the repetition of events.

"When you're a coach, you try to make things sweat but it's not you who plays, it's them (the players), points out the coach. They are the ones who must be good at everything. If you want to perform well, the whole team has to play their part, try to play the same part otherwise we can't be good."

Omeragic and Jullien absent

In this context, while his team only owes its presence outside the relegation zone to goal difference, Michel Der Zakarian calls for a reaction. "We must approach this match with confidence, with a light mind, not playing with the fear meter at zero. You have to be relaxed and focused to attack well. And when you lose the ball, defend well", he encourages.

Facing the Alsatians, eliminated in the quarter-finals of the Cup in Lyon on Tuesday (0-0, tab 4-3), the pailladin technician will once again have to deal with absences in the defensive sector . Expected, Becir Omeragic's package is confirmed. Like that of Christophe Jullien, uncertain a few days ago.

"They resumed the race but are not fit. I don’t know when we will get them back,” said Der Zak, who would like not to see these absences repeated either.  

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