Ligue 1: Ferri and Sainte-Luce return, Montpellier is sold out before the reception of Nantes on Friday

Ligue 1: Ferri and Sainte-Luce return, Montpellier is sold out before the reception of Nantes on Friday

Suspendu lors du succès à Reims (1-2), dimanche dernier, le milieu Jordan Ferri retrouve le groupe. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

Avec le retour du milieu Jordan Ferri et du latéral Théo Sainte-Luce, l’entraîneur Michel Der Zakarian est parti pour disposer de tout son effectif pour accueillir Nantes, vendredi 26 avril (21 h) à la Mosson.

Fit all the way. Coach Michel Der Zakarian was neither injured nor suspended on Tuesday to face Nantes, Friday April 26 at La Mosson (9 p.m.), during the 31st day of Ligue 1. With the return of midfielder Jordan Ferri, who has served his suspension, and left-back Théo Sainte-Luce, recovered from his left thigh injury, he has a full squad and reassured about his future in Ligue 1 .

League 1 ranking

Everything is almost fine. Montpellier can therefore bring out the champagne after its latest success in Reims (1-2) which allows it to be eight points ahead of the new barrage, Le Havre. At the dawn of the final four days, he tastes a serenity that he did not dare imagine at the beginning of February. "We must win in front of Nantes to ensure maintenance", however tempers Der Zak, eager to be master of his destiny and to seduce the Mosson again.

"Some changes" to be expected

To challenge his former club, the Hérault coach will have an almost absolute choice. An almost unprecedented choice this season. "There are chances that’there will be some changes", he promises, even if" ;rsquo;he was satisfied with the behavior of his team during the success in Reims. "We simply lacked efficiency, but we had a good intensity", he appreciates.

Just like in Le Havre (0-2), at the end of March, Der Zak started against the Rémois the Swiss international Becir Omeragic in the midfield to partner him to Joris Chotard. "I found him excellent against Le Havre. He was once again very good in recovery and in the direction of the game", observes the Montpellier coach.

Can the Swiss army knife (21 years old), who continues to meet expectations, continue in midfield ? This choice will condition the tenure of Ferri or &quot ;Kiki" Kouyaté in central defense. Other changes are not excluded in defense or attack, depending on the current form.

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