Ligue 1: revealed this season, right back Enzo Tchato extends his contract with the MHSC

Ligue 1: revealed this season, right back Enzo Tchato extends his contract with the MHSC

Cette saison, Enzo Tchato a été titularisé à onze reprises avec le MHSC en Ligue 1. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

Having become an element increasingly used by Michel Der Zakarian over the course of the season, the 21-year-old Cameroonian defender signed an extension with his training club this Tuesday, May 28.

At the end of a season which was that of his revelation, right back Enzo Tchato extended his contract with Montpellier HSC this Tuesday, the Hérault club announced, without specifying the duration . La Paillade thus ensures continuity at a position where the vagueness remains.

Starting with the status of N.2 at the start of the season, behind Falaye Sacko, Tchato (21 years old) then saw the Swiss Silvan Hefti arrive this winter. Selected for the African Cup of Nations after two convincing last months, the Cameroonian (6 caps) returned with new confidence. And little by little shook up the hierarchy to finish the championship as a quasi-starter (17 appearances including 11 starts).

Nicollin : "Enzo showed he was capable of being a starter"

"This signing comes as a continuation of what Enzo has been doing for several months", reacted President Laurent Nicollin with the club. "Enzo showed that he was capable of being a starter and flying the club's colors high. I hope that he will have another long and good season with the MHSC", continued the pailladin boss.

"I experienced two seasons in one with a first leg where I was able to play and a return leg following the CAN& ;nbsp;with the
Cameroon where I had a lot more playing time and where I performed well,
estimated for his part Enzo Tchato, launched in L1 in August 2022. Extending was my goal and I'm very happy. I hope to continue this momentum, to progress because I think I still have room for improvement. I am a young player, I am ambitious and it is up to me to give myself the means to achieve my personal and collective goals with the club. The important thing is to keep moving forward."

The next season could offer even more playing time to this pure product of the Hérault training center. Falaye Sacko no longer in the plans of the Hérault coach, but still under contract, Silvan Hefti on loan from Genoa but whose situation remains unclear, Enzo Tchato could do well. And continue to move forward, therefore , in this jersey once worn by his father, Bill (2000-2003). And let him start from football school.

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