Lisa Fernandez, student at the FSI of Millau doing an internship in the emergency department of the Pamplona hospital

Lisa Fernandez, student at the FSI of Millau doing an internship in the emergency department of the Pamplona hospital

Lisa Fernandez, étudiante à l'IFSI de Millau, sur la plaça del Castillo à Pampelune où elle vit l’expérience heureuse d’un stage à l’étranger. D.R

The native of Lozère, student and future nurse, is currently benefiting from the Erasmus network.

Aged 21, Lisa Fernandez grew up in Chanac in Lozère and quickly thought of the medical sector. After a scientific baccalaureate, she went to medical school. "It’was during covid, I had trouble getting hookeder", he confides -She. She decides to apply to join the IFSI and Millau reassures her parents."They chose for me, I admit, for the living environment, the proximity to Lozère, the fact that it is a small town and that we can practice outdoor sports& ;quot;. Indeed, since her arrival in Millau, the very sporty young woman has been a member of the local triathlon club, she also practices climbing with friends, cycling, running, swimming, the via ferrata as well as hiking.

"The pharmacology and the relational aspect really appealed to me"

When she was younger, Lisa Fernandez practiced mountain biking nationally and internationally but had to stop to devote herself to her studies. She, who wanted to move to a big city, took a little time to get used to."From the 2nd year, I got used to it. I was somewhat prepared for the workload we have at IFSI thanks to my year in medicine. On the other hand, I had ideas of what studies were like and I was surprised. Pharmacology and the relational aspect really appealed to me.

“We can move quite easily”

In shared accommodation with 3 other students, Lisa Fernandez enjoys the city of Pamplona. "There are a lot of residents but it’s not too big. There are plenty of things to visit, San Sebastian 1 hour away, I might come back for the feria which is one of the best known in the world.The future nurse does not yet have any specific plans for the future. Stay in Pamplona until you become bilingual ? Go to work in the United Kingdom ? Seize an opportunity in Montpellier ? "As an IDE, we can move quite easily, I want to do several shifts to discover new practices. The young woman gives herself time with the sole objective of continuing to learn and travel. "The final word: You have to try! An Erasmus project adds a little work, it's a double challenge but it can only be beneficial, I can only recommend doing an internship abroad.

It was at the start of the 2nd year that an Erasmus project took shape in Lisa Fernandez's head and she implemented it alone, with the support of the IFSI librarian. She sends a lot of internship requests and receives four positive responses. She chooses Pamplona. "I had a good feeling with my contact theres", says the young woman. Why this project ? "For a long time, I have had a passion for languages ​​that I have wanted to develop. I like going abroad and the IFSI in Millau has the Erasmus charter".

Assigned to emergencies

And for good reason, with her means, the nursing student has already visited Croatia, Greece, Italy, Morocco, London, Spain, Portugal, Martinique, Switzerland. She wants to become trilingual. With Spanish paternal grandparents, a language she did not learn when she was little, she logically chose Spain for this internship and possibly plans to move to an English-speaking country after graduation. ;Although she had requested a short-stay service, Lisa Fernandez was assigned to the emergency room.

His first reaction is marked with apprehension: "Am I going to be able to do my internship in the emergency room when I'm not ;have never been to France and I don't speak the language, I don't know the medical terms ?" After a few days in the field of this pre-professional internship, Lisa Fernandez salutes the management of the team, the nurse who followed her every day . "It’s a cocoon, I really like the atmosphere, I no longer have any apprehensions. I am also followed by a professor from the university in Pamplona who is very available and caring. In the emergency room, I gain confidence in myself and interact more and more with patients. 

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