“Louison had his head burst”: failings, mistreatment… a nursery closed after serious malfunctions

“Louison had his head burst”: failings, mistreatment… a nursery closed after serious malfunctions

La micro-crèche rouennaise est fermée pour une durée de trois mois. Illustration Pixabay

In Rouen, a micro-crèche was subject to administrative closure. The cause is serious malfunctions revealed in recent days, which date back in particular to December 2023.

An internal investigation was carried out by the company Les Petits Chaperons Rouge, which owns the Rouen micro-crèche which was closed by the prefecture for a period of three months this Friday, April 12.

"The various elements noted during this inspection led to the conclusion that the safety of children was not ensured within this place of operation. welcome", indicated the prefecture of Seine-Maritime. In this micro-crèche, serious failings were reported.

"I'm paralyzed"

She is the mother of a little girl, who notably testified to alert people to what had happened to Louison. She tells our colleagues from France Bleu and France 3 that in December 2023, the daycare called her to report that her daughter vomited twice but "there is nothing alarming". The parents consult a doctor and judge their daughter's attitude strange the next day.

Two days later, the director at the time summoned her, she "needs to talk to [him]. "My heart is racing, I am paralyzed. She tells me that there was a failure on their part and that Louison had his head burst and that the vomiting occurred shortly after this accident", tells the mother, still in shock, to France 3. In fact , her daughter was allegedly hit violently by another child, before vomiting, without this being mentioned by the nursery to the parents when the latter were informed of the vomiting.

A complaint is filed, it will be dismissed but the parents quickly remove their child from the nursery. France Blue, which is the first media to have reported testimonies against the establishment, indicates that parents other than those of little Louison, such as former employees, have made report malfunctions.

Lack of food, violence

A former childcare assistant, who has since been made redundant, reports a lack of food, for example. "On several occasions, I had to go to run errands so that the children could eat& quot;, she said to France Bleu.

She also mentions physical violence, for example from an assistant against a child who refused to take a nap.&nbsp ;"She took her by the arms, forced her to lie down then blocked her in the bed so that she doesn't get up, she says.

Reports had been made to the PMI, before the matter fell into the hands of the prefecture. The Little Red Riding Hoods group is one of the four large groups of private nurseries which were singled out by the investigative book "The Price of the Cradle", which shined the spotlight on the world of early childhood in the month of September 2023.

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