Lozère companies declare 3,670 recruitment projects in 2024

Lozère companies declare 3,670 recruitment projects in 2024

L’équipe de France Travail a présenté les résultats de l’enquête. MIDI LIBRE – Anaïs Da Silva

L’enquête des Besoins de main-d’œuvre (BMO) a mesuré les intensions de recrutement des employeurs pour 2024. Le nombre de projets en Lozère est en hausse de 1,5 % comparé aux résultats BMO 2023.

Services to individuals, accommodation and catering, commerce… 31% of establishments in Lozère are looking for workers. They declare 3 670 recruitment projects for the year 2024. "This is an increase of 1.5 % compared to 2023" , underlines Valérie Issert, director of France Travail Lozère-Gard.

These data come from the Manpower Needs (BMO) survey. It was carried out among 3,079 establishments in the department. 918 responded to the questionnaire, between October and December 2023. "This survey makes it possible to anticipate hiring difficulties by companies and seasonal recruitment needs, and to identify training needs in the territories. It contributes to measuring tensions on the market, details Valérie Issert.

Services, primary recruitment center

Small structures, with fewer than ten employees, account for 63% of recruitment projects in the region, or 2,330 offers. All sectors of activity are looking for employees, but some offer more hiring projects. "Service activities account for 64 % of recruitment projects, or 2 360 of the territory's projects. It’is the first recruitment center", announces Cécile Arfeuillère, delegated territorial director of France Travail. Among the sectors of this division, services to businesses and those to individuals (excluding accommodation and catering) cover respectively 10% and 27% of hiring intentions. Accommodation and catering accounts for 27%.

The field of agriculture with the agri-food industry represents 12% of hiring intentions, or 431 anticipated offers, and the commerce sector owns 14%, or 500 recruitment projects.

The most sought-after professions

More specifically, the BMO survey identified and classified the professions most sought after by employers in a region. "In Lozère, unsurprisingly, health is in the top 1", indicates Yannick Soulier, team manager at France Travail Lozère. This area is looking for 143 non-seasonal recruitment projects as caregivers. "It’is the only department where the first most sought-after profession concerns the field of health", details Cécile  Arfeuillère.

Among the ten most sought-after professions (excluding seasonal projects) we find: 76 cooks; 69 loggers, silviculturists and forestry agents; 68 café-restaurant servers; 59 low-skilled handlers and movers; 57 self-service employees; 46 reception and information agents; 45 vehicle mechanic workers; 45 farmers; 42 cashiers.

These ten profession families account for 36% of the region's recruitment projects.

1,862 hires for seasonal workers

The BMO survey also measured recruitment projects responding to the needs of the company. a need for seasonal staff. In 2024, the latter will represent 51% of recruitment projects in Lozère, or 1 862  hires in all professions combined. "There are two distinct seasons for this type of project: from March & October  and June à September, or even only July-Augustût", explains Florence Masse-Navette, agency director à France Travail, à Menda. The three seasonal professions which have the most projects are: cafe-restaurant waiters (223), hotel employees laundry (185) and kitchen helpers and versatile catering employees (174).

Business difficulties

"Shortage of candidates, inadequate profile, working conditions, image deficit and financial means. Here is the list of reasons for the difficulties that companies face in recruiting", lists Yannick Soulier. With these issues, 61% of hiring intentions are considered difficult in 2024, this represents 2,200 of the projects identified in the department. The three non-seasonal professions with the greatest recruitment difficulties are the following: reception and information agents (46 difficult projects); skilled masons (36 difficult projects); hospital service agents (36 difficult projects). Looking at the table, of the ten professions most concerned, five concern the field of crafts and three that of health.

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