Lunel: Commander Casaubieilh celebrated his departure

Lunel: Commander Casaubieilh celebrated his departure

Departure evening on the arena terrace for the commander of the Lunel company, Jean Casaubieilh. J.P.S.

Lunel: Commander Casaubieilh celebrated his departure

The pennant of the Lunel company presented by General Deprecq. Midi Libre – JPS

Lunel: Commander Casaubieilh celebrated his departure

The mayor of Lunel presents the city medal to Jean Casaubieilh. Midi Libre – JPS

Before leaving his post, the head of the Lunel company brought together his teams, his partners and his friends this Friday evening, on the arena terrace.

« Serve ! It’s the motto of all those who like to command. »Less than a year after his arrival at the head of the Hérault gendarmerie group, General Thomas Deprecq cited Jean Giraudoux to try to summarize the personality, and values, of Jean Casaubieilh. Alongside, among others, the mayor of Lunel and president of Lunel Agglo Pierre Soujol but also the Public Prosecutor, the deputy Patrick Vignal, the delegate of the prefect Loïc Martinot, the president of the agglomeration of Pays de l& rsquo;or Stéphan Rossignol and numerous representatives of Sdis, the boss of the Hérault gendarmes participated in the departure evening of the commander of the Lunel company.

Vision and finesse in command

Jean Casaubieilh will, in fact, leave his functions on September 1st to join the War School but before that, he leaves on mission, from May 1st, to supervise, as a’ precursor officer, the journey of the Olympic flame. « You are the appropriate officer to guide the Olympic flame », said the General after retraced the extraordinary journey of this Saint-Cyprien, only 32 years old. Thomas Deprecq notably highlighted « his vision and his finesse of command and his speed of decision » , before saluting un « commander who advanced his gendarmes and his company. »

An exemplary partnership

Like him, Pierre Soujol insisted on « professionalism » of Jean Casaubieilh and insisted on his « effective action and its good results in the territory », highlighting the partnership work, in particular, with the municipal police.< em> « To Lunel, we can only praise the action of the national gendarmerie », launched the chosen one. As for Jean Casaubielh, it was through 4 words (against, for, together and gratitude) that he summed up his 4 years « d& rsquo;collective action in the service of the territory » and translates « its pride » for having led the company. The commander will also leave Lunel with the company pennant given to him by General Deprecq but also with many local souvenirs: medals from the towns of Lunel and La Grande-Motte, the first bottle of the vintage of the 50th anniversary of the seaside resort or even a pot of Anduze, an olive tree, the Occitan cross or even a dish signed by the artist Goro.

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