Lunel: The Terres du Sud singing competition, an anthem to local talents

Lunel: The Terres du Sud singing competition, an anthem to local talents

Caroline Vignal, de terres du sud, pose avec les trophées qui seront offerts ce samedi 4 mai. A. C.

La 3e édition va faire vibrer l’Espace Brassens de sublimes voix ce samedi 4 mai. Début des sélections à 13 h avec une finale qui débutera vers 20 h.

It is as an experienced organizer that Caroline Vignal now presents the singing competition that she created, in 2021, with her father Jean-Claude, under the banner of their association Terres du Sud. It must be said that Camille's mother, who has been 18 for a few days, knows the world of singing competitions well.

Since her daughter was old enough to take part in these voice challenges, the Lunelloise has always been there to accompany and support her. &nbsp ;"It’it was also by moving around and going to the four corners of France that we said to ourselves that’ ;this kind of meeting was really missing here, explains Caroline Vignal, who made her father president of Terres du Sud while she held the position of treasurer. From the first year (2022, Editor's note), the Lunel competition was a real success. Both on the part of the participants and that of the public who came to discover these talents.

"Everyone has a chance"

Because yes, the territory sparkles with a few vocal nuggets that are just waiting to shine. Perhaps during the 3rd edition of the singing competition which will take place this Saturday, May 4, at the Espace Georges-Brassens.

A major opportunity for those who will take the microphone during this championship sponsored, since the first vintage, by Bruno Berberes, casting director of The Voice kids and artistic director of numerous musicals ( read in box). "Here, everyone has a chance! This is the credo of our competition, would like to point out Caroline Vignal, too accustomed to vocal challenges who want to fart higher than their C. This is also why we do not cast candidates in advance and open the competition to everyone, from children to seniors!"

All rewarded

There will be around fifty of them revealing their talent in front of the public, from 1 p.m., the start time of the selections. Divided into five categories – juniors, teens, pre-adults, adults and singer-songwriter – the participants will sing a single work in front of a jury made up of a singer and a singing teacher obviously, but also a sound technician, a caster, a producer, a songwriter and a municipal elected official.

Under the spotlight, 25 amateur artists will be selected for the evening final, which will take place from 8 p.m., still in the Espace Brassens.

In good voice for “The Voice”!

Godfather since the first vintage of the Terres du Sud singing competition, Bruno Berberes has included the Lunel competition in the official casting calendar for The TV shows Voice and The Voice kids.

The talents who will emerge and give voice this Saturday, May 4 & Espace Brassens and who will have seduced the casting director of TF1 will therefore perhaps find themselves on the TV sets. in a few months.

All other dates on

Lolo, Camille, Loan, Maxal and the others…

The time for deliberations will be used for the happiness of the public fond of beautiful voices. The young Lola, from the show Dream Team – La Relève des stars and protégé of Lara Fabian, but also Lina, from The Voice kids 2023, Loan, young author-performer, Camille, the daughter of Caroline Vignal and singer, and Maxal, from the television show N’don't forget the lyrics, will perform on stage before the finalists of this 3rd Terres du Sud singing competition are called.

"The candidates will be judged on several criteria, notes the treasurer. Certainly, accuracy counts for a lot, but sensitivity and the emotion transmitted are also very important notions."

A winning trio to determine, precisely, the winners after their performance, always in front of the Brassens audience, of a new song different from that of the selections.

Two and a half hours of concert which will conclude with the proclamation of the three best in each category. Two trophies will also reward the jury's and Terres du Sud's favorites, while all the other candidates will leave with a souvenir trophy.

Price 7 €. Info on 06 41 97 40 45 and terresdusud34400@yahoo.frSmall restaurants and refreshment bar.

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