Maioasis, an experimental and future project for waterless agriculture

Maioasis, an experimental and future project for waterless agriculture

La délégation du Cap Vert et l’équipe du projet dans la ferme de Raphaël, l’agriculteur chercheur à Saint-Privat. Midi Libre – A.M.

Raphaël Colicci a reçu dans sa ferme le président de la municipalité de l’île de Maio au Cap Vert, en mission en France.

For 15 months, Raphaël Colicci has been traveling back and forth to the small island of Maio in the Cape Verde archipelago. The farmer researcher is testing around twenty techniques to restore agriculture in the desert, where it has disappeared due to drought. It was there that he created an experimental agroforestry farm on a few hectares of land called Maioasis. This Saturday March 23, Raphaël gathered the project team at his home in Saint-Privat at the foot of Larzac, to welcome a delegation led by Miguel Da Rosa, the president of the municipality of Maio this Saturday March 26 ;mars.

"Raphaël is very well known to us"

"We are leading a mission to France to explore cooperation opportunities around tourism, water and agriculture in search of new keys for our development" indicates Miguel Da Rosa accompanied by Vital Fernandes president of the public company Aguas e Energia, in charge of the production and distribution of water in Maio and Vladimir Mendes-Borges, consultant and expert international.

Maioasis, an experimental and future project for waterless agriculture

The delegation visited Raphaël's farm between biodiversity, olive trees and a conservatory of forgotten fruits at the foot of Larzac. Free Midday – A.M.

"We went to the east of France then to the South. I was in Agde and Marseillan before coming to meet Raphaël who is involved in an agricultural project to help our population, particularly women. He is very well known here, he is a real resident of Maio, smiles the president. "His field expertise in planting and growing trees without water is very important. We have a lot to learn but also to exchange with the south of France, which is facing recurring drought problems. Exchanges will take place in both directions."

Maioasis, an experimental and future project for waterless agriculture

The president of the municipality of Maio Miguel Da Rosa found in Raphael a passionate activist, ready to help him with his experimental oasis. Free Midday – A.M.

"If we manage to solve the water problem in the Maio desert, we will be able to solve it everywhere and especially at home" insists Raphaël Colicci surrounded by his family, and very honored to show his guests his farm. The stony and arid soil 30 years ago when he arrived with his wife has changed a lot since then. It has become a land of abundance in which the couple has planted thousands of olive trees and trees which make up a large conservatory of forgotten fruits around Oléatherm, a care and rehabilitation center. well-being.

Un Maio Bis à Marseillan ?

"We have 150 active members in the Fondation Fonds Dotation Biodiversité & Resources which support Maioasis and which we are trying to structure continues the Lodévois farmer who already sees further. We want to develop a Maio bis in Marseillan with my friend and founding president of Property & Co, Miguel Espada. He leads our foundation and we share the same values".
The objective is to install another conservatory of forgotten fruits and test techniques that consume little water on a few hectares in the middle of a vineyard. "Facing the climate change, agriculture risks disappearing in certain places, including southern Europe. We must provide reproducible solutions throughout the world, the effectiveness of which we want to demonstrate today."


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