Major road works planned on the Sauve road and near the Nîmes Halles

Major road works planned on the Sauve road and near the Nîmes Halles

The Sauve road will be subject to major repair work up to the bottom of Vacquerolles. Midi Libre – MIKAËL ANISSET

Major road works planned on the Sauve road and near the Nîmes Halles

The crossroads of Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, the old Route d'Alès and the Route de Sauve. These roads will be subject to road repairs by 2025. Midi Libre – MIKAËL ANISSET

Major road works are announced, starting with those concerning the Route de Sauve.

With 800 km of roads, the City of Nîmes does not want to neglect this issue and devotes a budget of 11 million euros to it. When told that the municipal majority is regularly targeted by disgruntled residents and the left-wing opposition, Emmanuel Carrière, deputy for urban planning and roads, considers that these criticisms are unfair: "With the number of kilometers in this city, I find that we have a budget that allows us to have an ambitious program for the roads. With mobility representative Claude de Girardi, we are attentive to the mayor's request to put more cycle paths or 30 zones."

Major projects will affect several sectors of the city and starting this month.

Route de Sauve

15,000 vehicles travel every day on this road, one of the major routes into Nîmes coming from the west. The City was able to work closely with the Department on this issue. For its part, the Agglo will redo the networks for 1.5 million euros. The width of the Sauve route will be reduced to 6 meters (instead of 7.5 m), , which will reduce speed. ;, confides Emmanuel Carrière.

The work, with a total cost of 3 M€ (with major funding from the Road Department, the City and therefore the Agglomeration), will begin in mid-June on the south side (on the left going up Route de Sauve). This involves resurfacing the roadway on Avenue Pompidou up to the Intermarché Vacquerolles roundabout, bringing the sidewalks and platforms of the bus.

The City plans to extend the cycle path which runs along the Canal de la Fontaine (with perhaps a light for cyclists soon) to the intersection of Avenue Pompidou. Then, cyclists will have to take the already existing path of Chemin de Camplanier before going up Chemin du Vieux Sauve to the three pillars. There, a passage with an inclined plane will be created.

At the RN 106 hopper, upon arrival at Castanet, traffic at this intersection will be managed by traffic lights. During this project, local authorities will ensure that nuisances are limited with alternating traffic arrangements set up on small portions. During the All Saints' Day holidays, with the agreement of Mayor Jean-Paul Fournier and the Department, the Route de Sauve will be closed for four nights to move forward with the work.

The City and the Department are considering developing the Alès road in the same way next year.

The surroundings of the Halles landscaped

Major road works planned on the Sauve road and near the Nîmes Halles

The perimeter of the Halles de Nîmes will be the subject of major works between the two ferias.

Near the Halles de Nîmes, the repair work will concern rue Guizot which will be paved up to the car park, like what was done on rue Auguste, and more late closed to traffic (except for deliveries). On Général-Perrier, in front of the main entrance to Les Halles, the covering will be changed. The one who is chosen will allow circulation a few hours after its installation.

Rue des Halles will also be developed. The work will be scheduled between the two ferias. In mid-September, the Agglo Nîmes Métropole will take care of the networks. Road work will begin in January 2025.

Still in the city center, l’Ecusson particularly, after rue Fresque and rue de l’Etoile, the road repair project will be completed at the end of the year ;year.

New coating on the way to  Tire Cul

Among the municipal files which concern the roads, after the repair of the networks, the Tire Cul road will benefit from a new coating at the end of the year. Making the Mas de Balan path one-way may be tested, but local residents still need to be allowed to access their homes.

Proximity interventions

More than 3,000 local interventions are recorded each year by the City's roads department: "People report nests to us- de-poule or other by the application of the City of Nîmes or to the direction of associative life and neighborhoods. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the teams who are very involved all year round, tirelessly. They generally occur 48 hours after the report. 1.8 M€ will be injected this year for these interventions.

They consist of securing by applying a cold coating which degrades quickly. A total renovation or a coating placed on a larger part prove to be the solutions favored by the City even if all this has a cost.

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