“Making Sète a linguistic tourism destination”: the LinguaSète school welcomes its first foreign school groups

“Making Sète a linguistic tourism destination”: the LinguaSète school welcomes its first foreign school groups

Emmanuelle Rozand-Heran, directrice et fondatrice de LinguaSète. Midi Libre – Thomas Ancona-Léger

Créée en 2023, l’école LinguaSète accueille des groupes scolaires étrangers et espère inscrire Sète sur la carte des séjours linguistiques en France.

The idea came to him on the train, between Sète and Montpellier. Why not make the unique island a new destination for linguistic tourism, like Montpellier, the second largest city in France in this area. "Sète is a summary of many things, it’is an ideal place for learning French and French culture&amp ;quot;, says Emmanuelle Rozand-Heran, director and founder of LinguaSète.

"Creating connections in the city"

The company, created in 2023 by this young salesperson who attended the French Language School in Montpellier, has recently welcomed its first school groups. English teenagers in this case, 9 in number, came from the south east of London last March to discover France through the prism of Sète charm. "My goal is to create connections in the city, that's why I do this job" , confides the young woman from Poussan.

To do this, LinguaSète has partnered with various local players, including the third place Palanquée, which rents its space for French as a foreign language (FLE) courses. But also with families from Sète, who host young students. "I count on the natural hospitality of the people here: if the local population is involved, then they are up for it."< /em>

70 students expected in September

For the moment, Emmanuelle Rozand-Heran can count on around ten host families. "But we will have to find others to accommodate the 70 students expected next September", confides the director . Because the company is growing, and Sète is now part of certain catalogs of tourism agencies specializing in language stays.

Whenever students arrive, Emmanuelle Rozand-Heran puts together her team of teachers. "Having worked in FLE for a long time, I have a lot of contact with teachers", she explains, ensuring that it is the synergy of this team which also makes a language stay successful. That, and a certain idea of ​​tourism, far from mass tourism, and which is also a learning of otherness.

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