Malcolm Théoleyre, associate professor of history, enarque, magistrate, took on the role of sub-prefect of Lozère

Malcolm Théoleyre, associate professor of history, enarque, magistrate, took on the role of sub-prefect of Lozère

Malcolm Théoleyre, sub-prefect of Lozère for at least two years. FREE NOON – M. P

Malcolm Théoleyre is chief of staff of the prefect of Lozère, and therefore sub-prefect. In particular, he supervises all civil security problems, both at the level of law enforcement and emergency services.

If he bears the same first name as one of the great African-American icons in the United States, the allusion stops there. He owes this first name to the most French of Scottish women, his mother. Malcolm Théoleyre joined the cabinet of Philippe Castanet, prefect of Lozère, at the start of the year. He is chief of staff and, by administrative hierarchy, sub-prefect.

Born in 1986 in Essonne, the senior civil servant defines himself as a "suburb" of the Parisian crown. Coming from a rather wealthy class, "my father was a civil servant in the prison administration, my mother a dentist", the young man sharpened his first skills at the military school of Saint- Cyr: "It’was a particular form of schooling and it may have had an effect on my future choices", he smiles. With one goal, Sciences Po, which he will join after his baccalaureate: "Since college, public policy issues have interested me."& ;nbsp;He will take advantage of his course to develop a thesis in history, followed by the aggregation, in 2016: "I’had chosen Algerian music during the colonial era’ quot;, he confides. A young graduate, he will be recruited to the consultative commission on human rights.

Magistrate then sub-prefect

In the enthusiasm of his twenty years, Malcolm Théoleyre nourished another ambition, the Normal School of Administration (ENA): "I wanted to focus on practical issues and operational. I finished in the middle of the ranking, I opted for the administrative court. In 2021, he became a magistrate in Paris. Two years later, he had to choose a new professional assignment, due to the desired mobility of senior civil servants: "There was a position of cabinet director in rural areas, so I came to Lozère ." In post for three months, he draws his first impressions: "You see everything. It is a territory on a human scale, it is possible to individualize, which is not the case in all departments."

His passions, his hobbies

Malcolm Théoleyre is a musician, accordionist: "I started when I’was eleven years old." As for sport, he likes to indulge in walking: "I hike and I must say that I can't wait for the temperatures to rise so I can enjoy it." Although he has not yet discovered all of the territories of Lozère, he admits to a weakness for Sainte-Enimie: "It’s a breathtaking place." Another note, his suits: "My mother is British, which explains that", he laughs.

Appointed sub-prefect at the same time, which is not always the case for a cabinet director, Malcolm Théoleyre is today embarked between Margeride, Aubrac and Cévennes, for a few years: "It’is a support role for the prefect. This position is focused on the missions of coordinating the action of law enforcement and civil security." Management of priority files every morning at the prefecture, representation of the State during ceremonies, he concludes from his function: "The action must be impactful, constantly. Everything has to be well sorted."

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