Manhunt in London: who is Abdul Ezedi who attacked a mother and her little daughters with a toxic substance in the street ?

Manhunt in London: who is Abdul Ezedi who attacked a mother and her little daughters with a toxic substance in the street ?

L'homme a été filmé il semble qu'il se soit blessé au visage. MET POLICE

A man sprayed a mother and her two daughters with a chemical on Wednesday January 31 in south London. He is actively sought.

A real manhunt in London. The police are actively searching for a suspect who attacked passers-by in the street in the Clapham district south of the United Kingdom capital, this Wednesday January 31 in the evening by spraying a corrosive product on his victims . A woman and her two daughters were particularly affected and are still hospitalized. 

The thesis of a terrorist attack excluded

The 31-year-old woman was in the street with her two daughters aged 3 and 8 at the time of the attack around 7:30 p.m. The man threw an "alkaline" substance and therefore corrosive to the face of the woman and her eldest daughter. He ripped the smallest one from her stroller before throwing her violently to the ground. According to testimonies, the woman was screaming "My eyes! My eyes!".

The man and the victim know each other, which allows the police to exclude the terrorist motive for the moment. 

Several injured

London police declared this Thursday, February 1 that "the woman and her two daughters were still hospitalized. Even if there is no life-threatening prognosis, the injuries suffered by the woman and one of her daughters will be permanent. They will be marked for life."

Other people were injured, notably while trying to help the victims: three women and a man had minor burns and five police officers.

The suspect fled

After the attack, the man fled by car, but collided with a stationary vehicle. He then fled on foot. 

The suspect was quickly identified: he is Abdul Shokoor Ezedi, 35 years old. The man is an Afghan who arrived in the UK in 2016 by truck and claimed asylum claiming his life would be in danger if he returned to Afghanistan.

He was subsequently given a suspended sentence for a sexual offense in Newcastle in 2018 and was released from probation in 2020.

The man was allowed to stay on British territory after a priest vouched for him, especially after   nbsp;his conversion to Christianity, claiming that he was "fully committed" to his new religion.  

Filmed after the attack, injured in the face

The man was spotted and filmed in a Tesco store where he purchased a bottle of water. As the police state: "The man has significant injuries to the right side of his face. This makes it distinctive."

His portrait was broadcast.

The police are looking for him and asking people who come across him not to approach him, he is considered dangerous. But to notify the police. 

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