Max Brunel, “an administrative error”

Max Brunel, “an administrative error”

L'hôpital a présenté ses excuses à notre “cher défunt”.

At the beginning of the month, we reported the “funny” story experienced by Max Brunel, our columnist for the “Autreviens” in Midi Libre.

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A few days earlier, he had received a letter from the Antonin-Balmès hospital center announcing his own death. In fact, the health establishment asked him to come and collect his belongings given that he was… hellip; deceased.

Past the emotions, positive too – "I find that I'm doing pretty well for a corpse", we had said Max Brunel smiling – a friend had taken the matter in hand.

The hospital is sorry for "the emotion and inconvenience caused" 

The hospital has just responded to Pescalune by sending it its apologies "as for the emotion and inconvenience caused by this letter, following an administrative error".

We would not have doubted it. But don't we say that to err is human… hellip; However, the hospital wanted to inform that’"reinforced control had been put in place on the transmission of such letters to our patients".

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