May by bike: the entire program of more than seventy activities offered in Nîmes and its surroundings

May by bike: the entire program of more than seventy activities offered in Nîmes and its surroundings

Some 70 events are planned in the Nîmes metropolitan area throughout the month of May. Nimes Metropolis

Update on the event and the cycling projects supported by Nîmes Métropole with Jean-Marc Campello, deputy vice-president for mobility and transport infrastructure.

May by bike starts this month. What does this consist of ?

May by bike is a state initiative. Last year, we had forty events. This year, we are presenting more than seventy.

Is the increase in the number of events a sign of the enthusiasm around cycling or have you worked better at the level of Nîmes Métropole to offer a plural offer??

When we come back to the basics, Nîmes Métropole had no skills on cycle paths. I asked President Franck Proust for the possibility of creating one. He immediately said yes, giving me a budget of 500,000 euros. We work with our partners, the Department of Gard and the Occitanie Region to create connections between the municipalities and the first ring of central Nîmes. From there, we hired a person who only takes care of that: she goes to see the municipalities, is in contact with the Department and Region, searches for sites where we can set up tracks . Having the main objective, beyond the ride, to be able to help people who work to use this type of transport, by connecting park and ride places for example, or taking the train and the bus. When the State created Mai à vélo, we immediately wanted to be partners and actors. Today, with seventy events, we are one of the leading national players. The State thus gives us special media attention by coming to one of our meetings in Marguerittes.

The events are an opportunity to highlight the use of bicycles. But in reality, constraints, including the lack of cycle continuity or the lack of security on the trails, are the main obstacles for users.

The Metropolis acts mainly on the villages, the Department deploys the tracks between the communes and on the city center, it is the municipality. We have no means of pressure to force anyone to do this or that work. Today, May by bike is above all to raise awareness and help develop the practice.

At the end of last year, you presented nine areas during the Metropolis Bicycle Plan. Where are we??

It continues. We maintain these nine axes, we do everything to achieve them. In the first quarter of 2025, we will have self-service bicycles in the city of Nîmes. The Tango bikes which are for long-term rental will remain, but for the others, they will be made available in the municipalities to try to develop bike rental. And make people, especially employees, want to replace their car journeys with bicycles.

Can you tell us more about these self-service bikes?

This will therefore normally be implemented from the end of the first quarter of 2025. We have the budgets, I will see the mayor again soon to validate the locations of the intramural stations. We have practically chosen the delegate and we will be able to have 35 stations for 250 bikes.

You had some pretty harsh words towards the Department last year, saying, regarding cycle paths, that they were doing "painting". Have relations improved to try to work better together on this theme ?

Relationships never deteriorated. But since I'm frank, I say that a cycle path must be secure. It’s not just a lick of paint on the floor. It’s easy to say, with a lick of paint, that we are going to make 200 km of cycle paths. Perhaps it is better to do 50 km, but securely. Even if we know that we cannot do everything at once, because we are in quite steep territory, which is not simple. We're starting from afar, but the ambition is there. Cycling goes in the direction of history.

May by bike is therefore set to intensify further in the coming years ?

I received the managers of the bike stores 15 days ago. Next year, these economic players in the bicycle industry want to play the game with us. I told them that we were going to see each other two or three times a year. Because these professionals also tell us the problems of users and the developments that we could achieve.

May by bike, quite a program

All month. Recovered bike. La Croisée social center, 36 bis avenue Emile-Cazelles, Saint-Gilles. Monday to Saturday (center opening hours). You have a bike that you no longer use? Donate it to the social center! Spare parts accepted.
Challenge Rêve de Vélo With Rêve de Vélo (online store and in Saint-Dionisy). Objective ? Cover the greatest number of km in the month of May by crossing the greenway. Lots à win for the 3 winners! Upon registration via the Géovélo  app: Challenge Rêve de Vélo.

Challenge Géo Vélo : throughout the month of May, all your journeys are within reach! Cycling in the Agglo will be counted for the national challenge. To participate, install the free Géovélo application. Create your account and join the community! "Nîmes Métropole – May à 2024 bike.

From May 13 to 31:Bike-éschool course, with Croco V&eac;lo. Departure from the roller rink behind the Costières stadium (dates and times communicated upon registration). 10 sessions to (re)learn cycling by setting goals with a trainer. Please note, paid course (40 euros for 10 sessions). Duration of each session: 1 hr 30 By reservation: 06 80 46 55 ;38.

Wednesday May 8:stroll à la Bastide with Croco Vélo, 10 h, Nîmes esplanade facing the village the old staircase of the Palais de Justice. Discover a signposted route à bike using cycle paths and motorable paths. Duration: 2 hours By reservation:

Walk in the Gard region, 2 p.m., Milhaud, specific location during registration. Discover & cycle the different natural environments of our territory: rivers, vineyards, meadows… Duration: 3 hours. By reservation, COGard: 06 23 30 26 55.

Friday May 10:urban ride with Roller Lib, 8 p.m., Broc music car park, 249 rue du Forez, Nîmes. Prepare yourself for what's next! two hours of urban sliding à rollerblades, bike, scooter or skateboard in the Cité Antonins! That’s almost 2000 years of history in 15 km. Duration: 2 hours. Information: 06 37 05 66 36 or

Saturday May 11: cycling loop à discover the Agglo with the cycling associations: Groupe Cyclo Nîmois, Avenir Cyclotouriste Milhaudois and Vélo Club Marguerittois. Departure time and place specified by the clubs. 70 km route. Breakfast offered during the ride, & Générac. Information: Reserved to cyclists licensed by one of these 3 clubs.

Sunday May 12: picnic à la Bastide with MAPS, 11 a.m., departure in front of the Arena of Nîmes. 15 km. Duration: 4 hours. Bring a picnic. By reservation:

35th Domessargues cycling Grand Prix. Amateur competition with presentation of the riders in the morning. Wine of honor offered at the home. Information:

Monday May 13: Get rid of your bike! with ACEE. From 8 a.m.   15 h 30, 106 rue le Corbusier, ZI de Grézan, N&imes. You have equipment (bike, balance bike, scooter) that you no longer use? Donate it to the ACEE association! Spare parts accepted.

Tuesday May 14: cinema meeting session, 7 p.m., Hémicycle Nîmes Métropole Broadcast of the documentary "La Roue Libre"  by Marion Valadier and Sarah Denard. Registration:

Wednesday May 15: stroll à la Bastide 9:30 am. Duration: 2:30 am. By reservation:

Thursday May 16: Get rid of your bike! with ACEE. From 8 a.m.   15 h 30, 106 rue le Corbusier, ZI de Grézan.

Saturday May 18: cycling loop à the discovery of the Agglo. 70km route. Information:

Cycling loop in the scrubland with Avenir Cyclotouriste Milhaudois and Guarrigue Font des chien 8:30 am, departing from the socio-cultural center of Milhaud. Duration: 3 hours. By reservation: 06 74 99 77 41.

Bicycle repair workshop With Croco v&elo, 9am   5 p.m., La Croisée social center, 36 bis avenue Emile-Cazelles à Saint-Gilles.

Wednesday May 22: stroll à la Bastide 9:30 a.m. Duration: 2 hours. By reservation:

Friday May 24: urban ride with Roller Lib à 8 p.m. Broc music car park, 249 rue du Forez, Nîmes. Duration : 2 h Information : 06 37 05  66 36 or

Saturday May 25: bicycle exchange and bicycle repair at 9 am à 12 p.m. Market Square à Boys. Cycling festival with the parents’s association of the school & elementary 14 hours 5 p.m. at Garons Park.

Cyclist loop à the discovery of the Agglo. Information:

Disco Vélo Roller with the Dynamo à 2 p.m., place Jules Guesde, avenue Jean-Jaurès à N&heremes.

Family walk à Rodilhan and its surroundings, 10:30 a.m. Esplanade, heart of the village. By reservation:

À discover the landscapes of La Rouvière. 9 h, chemin des Combes. By reservation: or Sports walk in Gardonnenque. 9 a.m., chemin des Combes, 85 km. By reservation:

À the discovery of the Costières of Saint-Gilles, 10:30 a.m. Place Charles-de-Gaulle (city-stadium side) & Saint-Gilles. By reservation:

Decorate your bike! 3 p.m. à 6 p.m., Montignargues, meet at place de la fête.

Greenway à bike! 9 a.m., departure from Saint-Dionisy. Duration: 3 hours By reservation: or

Terroirs Vagabonds, 2 p.m., Saint-Gilles, specific location during registration. 38 km. By reservation: 06 88 25 00 48 or

Sunday May 26: mountain bike ride with Sernhac multisports, 8 a.m. 15 p.m. Start on the market square, Sernhac. By reservation: 06 60 71 32 75 or

Picnic à la Bastide with MAPS, 11 a.m., departure in front of the Arènes de Nîmes, 15 km. By reservation:

Wednesday May 29: Repair your bike with ACEE, 8  h à 15 pm 30, 106 rue Le Corbusier, ZI de Grézan, N&imes By reservation :

Friday May 31: urban ride with Roller Lib, 8 p.m., Broc music parking, 249 rue du Forez, N&imes. Duration : 2 h. Information: 06 37 05 66 36 or

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