MC Solaar and IAM, the elders of rap shake the arenas of Nîmes

MC Solaar and IAM, the elders of rap shake the arenas of Nîmes

Akhenaton and the IAM group delivered a spectacular and energetic show. Midi Libre – BETHUNE ALEXIS

This Saturday evening, the Nîmes festival welcomed stars of the French rap scene.

The Nîmes Festival gives pride of place to young hip-hop artists, but it was the previous generation who got the ball rolling this Saturday at the arenas. No nostalgia though because the quinquas of French rap have not said their last word and still have the flame!

Before nightfall, MC Solaar opened the evening in front of an audience of latecomers, with his cool flow, “his cyclone of sweetness” and a set centered on his hits from the 1990s. Move over, Caroline, Obsolete, Fashion Victim… The singer makes the arenas ripple with his classics but also knows how to shake the audience with the frantic rhythm of his recent song Dingue or the oldest Solaar cries. "In this special moment", the concert "gives hope" , explains the rapper, soberly discussing the political situation.

MC Solaar and IAM, the elders of rap shake the arenas of Nîmes

MC Solaar opened the evening with his “cyclone of sweetness”.

Obviously a large part of the public had come mainly for IAM. She was served! Big sound, giant screen with images from the northern districts or from far away, boundless energy, spectacular show… The planet Marseille and Akhenaten's band have put the arenas into orbit. Delighted to play in Nîmes, constantly inviting the public to participate, making the Mia dance without waiting for encores, the group knows how to make us forget the grayness of the present.& nbsp;"Tonight is quite a journey. What a throwback", exclaims Akhenaton, who reminds us that he and his group are "still kids".

The rappers ended the evening with a political speech. Shurik invites him to stay together, even if it's not going to be easy. We must give our best to come out on top." "We must stay together, young, old, Jews, cathos", Akhenaton continues, renewing his support for a "Free Palestine". "Take care of yourself. The peace ! Peace", conclude the artists.

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