Media Live Studio, the agency that is revolutionizing events and audiovisual from Lézignan-la-Cèbe

Media Live Studio, the agency that is revolutionizing events and audiovisual from Lézignan-la-Cèbe

Les trois associés ont à cœur d’être à la pointe de la technologie et d’être bien ancrés dans leur territoire.

Launched a year ago, Media Live Studio is an audiovisual and events production agency that combines technological innovation and commitment to the region. It is also, and perhaps above all, an “assemblage of” skills. Discovery.

At the origin of Media Live Studio, three men: Manu Bourgain, producer and scenographer, Rico Boyer, director and artistic director, and Éric Hirschi, host, journalist and content creator. Each with their own expertise. Their idea: to bring together the events and audiovisual professions in the same place.

"Periods of confinement have brought new needs to the surface and accelerated environmental questions. It’is  From that moment on, we began to be very requested to create e-events", explains Éric. Manu completes: "At the same time, we had this place where we stored our equipment for a good part of the year, taking into account the seasonality of our respective activities". And Rico concludes : "We were already working together on joint projects since more than fifteen years. We "just" opened our boxes of equipment and transformed our warehouse into a collaborative and accessible tool".< /p>

Territorial anchoring…

After a year of work and development, Media Live opens the doors of its studios in Lézignan-la-Cèbe, in the heart of the Hérault valley. A strategic location for the partners, all three attached to their territory and committed to its development. "There are many studios in major cities. We wanted to create something that resembles us, which is both intimate and at the cutting edge of technology.

Above all, the trio was keen to democratize access to this type of communication tool. To support companies that  surround us in the promotion of their know-how". Latest example of production to date within the studios : the music video&nbsp ; advertising for the local brand La Mentheuse.

…To the national aura

The other asset of Media Live is "the accumulation of skills". The agency offers global support, from the study of the project to its technical realization including scenography, sound, lighting, decoration or even catering service .

"There are eight permanent staff at the studios. And as "project facilitators", we regularly cooperate with companies and talents, again, from our territory". A great initiative aimed at strengthening the local economy which is attractive even beyond Occitanie. The studios recently welcomed Ariane Brodier and Alice Cathelineau for the filming of their new talk show "I’don't worry about you". They also hosted the costume design and post-production of the film “The  Count of Monte-Cristo”, presented out of competition at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival.

Educational and teaching projects to come

In parallel with the creation of e-events and audiovisual projects, the founders of Media Live are engaged in an approach to raising awareness and training in media and information . In partnership with National Education, they are currently working on the launch of "La Fabrique de l’information", a program intended for young people, from CM2 to high school.

"Our ambition is to teach them to create journalistic content, to develop their critical thinking regarding the media and to use social networks responsibly. And even, why not, to encourage vocations!" They also work on projects with adults: training  techniques on audiovisual professions, on the one hand, and training in verbal and non-verbal communication for image management, on the other hand.

Bio Express

2023: launch of Media Live Studio, à Lézignan-la-Cèbe.
Éteam: 8 permanent employees.
Surface area of ​​the studios: 700 m² including 284 m² modular set, a recording studio and a post-production room.

Media Live Studio: 22 chemin du Guillaumant, à Lézignan-la-Cèbe ;

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