#Metoo cinema: the list of 10 actors targeted by accusations of sexual assault which is shaking Cannes… does not exist

#Metoo cinema: the list of 10 actors targeted by accusations of sexual assault which is shaking Cannes… does not exist

The opening ceremony will take place this Tuesday. MAXPPP – Roland Macri

Mediapart reacted this Monday evening, May 13, to the rumor according to which the editorial staff had in its hands a list on which appear the names of ten film stars accused of sexual violence, which it was preparing to be published at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival.

On May 7, Midi Libre relayed information according to which "a list of ten names of actors, directors and producers accused of & rsquo;sexual assault" could be revealed during the first climb of the steps of the Cannes Film Festival, which opens this Tuesday, May 14.

On X, formerly Twitter, numerous posts have reported that this "blacklist&quot which is shaking French cinema, already shaken by a series of accusations of sexual violence targeting a good number of actors, directors and producers, would be in the hands of the editorial staff& ;nbsp;Mediapart.

"The media spectacle is pathetic"

This Monday, May 13, in the early evening, the investigative newspaper put an end to this rumor forged on social networks and relayed by the media, who haunted the Croisette.

"For several days, certain media, including serious ones, have been discussing the existence of a supposed 'list' of alleged perpetrators of sexual violence, which Mediapart is preparing to publish. This is false, obviously. On the eve of the opening of the Cannes Film Festival, the media spectacle is pathetic", writes Mediapart.

"Mediapart does not publish 'list'. When we reveal facts about sexist and sexual violence, as with all the subjects of general interest that we cover, we publish 'surveys' relating to cross-referenced information", continues the media. "A survey that is not published does not exist".

A dodge

In the end, "the rumor […] offers a dodge to those who do not want to hear neither Judith Godrèche nor Adèle Haenel , nor Isild Le Besco and so many others. Who refuse to shake up their certainties, to question cinema, the role of image and art in our representations and the reproduction of relationships of domination and power", deplores Médiapart.

This clarification could allow the Cannes Festival to refocus on the essentials, namely the expected stars, the monuments of the 7th art or even the Olympic flame who will set up the red carpet.

The #Metoo question should not be left behind, however, particularly following the publication of a new survey published by Elle in which nine women accuse French film producer Alain Sarde. The actress who positioned herself as the spearhead of the #Metoo movement in France, Judith Godrèche, will also embody it through her presentation on May 15 by "Me Too", the 17-minute short film she directed on the subject of sexual violence.< /p>

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