#MeToo of cinema: missions, dates… voted on this Thursday, how will the commission of inquiry requested by Judith Godrèche ? be organized

#MeToo of cinema: missions, dates... voted on this Thursday, how will the commission of inquiry requested by Judith Godrèche ? be organized

La commission d'enquête demandée par Judith Godrèche a été votée ce jeudi 2 mai 2024. MAXPPP – Julien Mattia/Le Pictorium

Ce jeudi 2 mai 2024, les députés ont voté la création d’une commission d’enquête sur les violences sexuelles dans le milieu du cinéma. Mais à quoi va-t-elle servir et quel est son but ?

Last March, Judith Godrèche requested a parliamentary commission of inquiry into cinema. His request seems to have been heard since the deputies voted unanimously this Thursday to create this commission. This should study sexual abuse and violence committed in the world of culture, reports the Huffington Post.

The acts

Cinema, audiovisual, fashion, live performance or even advertising, none of these sectors is spared from sexual violence. Since Judith Godrèche's complaints, which target the two directors, Benoît Jacquot and Jacques Doillon, the victims have increasingly spoken out and the #MeToo cinema movement is also gaining momentum.

The actress’s wish finally takes shape. "We want to move from listening to words to actions", indicated Francesca Pasquini, environmentalist deputy for Hauts-de-Seine after the vote in the National Assembly. "It's up to us to take over from this outstretched hand. It is important that men mobilize. We can choose to be passive witnesses or real allies", declared Renaissance MP Véronique Riotton.

What will it be used for?

What are the missions and objectives of this commission ? It will "determine in a very concrete manner the mechanisms and failures which allow these abuses to occur, and to propose legislative measures to better regulate them", explains the Huff Post.

The first step will be the constitution of the latter. For this, a call for applications has been launched and a constitutive meeting will be held soon: May 13. Things will then accelerate since the following week, the auditions should begin. The conclusions are expected six months later, that is to say in November.

Note that the investigation was extended to all victims, whether minors or adults. "We do not ;rsquo;is not really different at 18 years old than at 17 years and 362 days", commented the deputy for Finistère Erwan Balanant.

"Shall we keep quiet ?"

"Who should we count on to ensure that from now on, no child will be the victim of sexual or moral violence on set or during events? rsquo;a casting ?", asked the actress during her request.

"Are we going to keep silent ? Me, I'm counting on you, I'm counting on you to protect the children, no longer hand them over at the cinema without any protection", she added. "These are the same systems as those of education , medicine, publishing, sport for example, for which you have ordered a commission of inquiry.

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