MHR-Usap: “Signing for Perpignan was the best choice of my career”, when the Catalan public boosts its players

MHR-Usap: “Signing for Perpignan was the best choice of my career”, when the Catalan public boosts its players

La communion des Catalans avec leur public venu en masse. L'INDEPENDANT – MICHEL CLEMENTZ

Venus en nombre, les supporters catalans ont plus que jamais assumé leur rôle de seizième homme ce samedi 27 avril lors de la victoire de l’Usap à Montpellier (20-25), match comptant pour la 22e journée de Top 14.

The scenes of jubilation left their mark. Two hours before kick-off, a mass of Catalan supporters gathered at the foot of the stadium, on the north side, to welcome the Usap bus. Thousands of voices were heard all the way to the Place du Castillet, hundreds of flags and red and yellow smoke bombs bewitched the Catalan bus. "This arrival of the bus, it’was incredible", summarizes Kélian Galletier, the Montpellier resident exiled in Perpignan for two years.

The atmosphere continued until arrival in the enclosure. Calmed down for a while by Montpellier's domination, it got drunk again in the second period. The role of the sixteenth man has never lived up to its name so well. The stadium announcer had tried (too) many times to wake up the Hérault public, but the wave of blood and gold was too powerful.

"What an audience, they are incredible people, it’s the best audience in France. We give back to them by winning today, we are proud of that. Having signed with Perpignan is the best choice for my career. Not many players experience what I experience. When we come in for the warm-up, when we score, hellip; I invite people to come to Aimé-Giral to see people bleed for us. We have to give them back", savors Kélian Galletier, author of a titanic performance against his former club.

"It's crazy"

"I have a special thought for all these people who came. Seeing this osmosis is special for the players. Sharing the same passion with these people is positive. We savor it. It’s always a plus, I don’t know where it’s going to stop, it’s crazy. They recognize themselves in what the players do", adds Usap manager Franck Azéma.

"The atmosphere was incredible, I’ve never seen that in my life. When you're a player, seeing all these people with the smoke bombs… We try to stay focused in our bubble but we have to see them, it adds motivation. That could tip the scales. Obviously, that does something. In terms of supporters, you can't have better, that adds the extra 10%, adds fullback Louis Dupichot.

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