MHSC: “A young person who brings good humor and who works. He is rightly rewarded”, Lucas Mincarelli is gaining weight

MHSC: “A young person who brings good humor and who works. He is rightly rewarded”, Lucas Mincarelli is gaining weight

Le latéral ou piston de 20 ans (ici face à Lille) a distillé sa première passe décisive en pro, dimanche. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

Le jeune latéral de Montpellier, Lucas Mincarelli, a été prépondérant dans la victoire du MHSC au Havre (0-2), dimanche 31 mars.

In Le Havre, before the matches at the Océane stadium, we sing an anthem to the tune of God save the king. And we count among the guests a certain Pete Doherty, an English rocker and a wreck from the Libertines and the Babyshambles who came to settle in the area.

In short, in this very British environment, we should not be surprised if the game ends up leaning towards the left lane. Sunday, this was the case for the locals, with the untenable Sabbi. But also for Montpellier, whose light ended up emerging from its own left wing and from Lucas Mincarelli, predominant during this capital success for maintenance.

With a decisive pass for Jordan Ferri on the opening score, the young 20-year-old full-back or piston, trained winger, added a first professional offering (deflected, the center for Arnaud Nordin against PSG (2- 6) was not awarded to him as a decisive pass by the LFP) on a top performance.

“Téji put the emphasis” on Lorient

As soon as the victory was acquired in Le Havre, the Montpellier residents shifted to their own position. towards the reception in Lorient, Sunday (3 p.m.). Because the Merlus, current 16th and dam builders, point à three points of the MHSC.

D’où the importance of success. « We are aware of this, Téji (Savanier) immediately emphasized it in the locker room & ;raquo;, said Jordan Ferri.

On Monday, the club published the video of the captain's post-match speech among his partners. « Next Sunday, we have a match à the House. The championship is not over yet. This week, there's no letting up at all! training », he demanded.

By adding two saves in his area and real solidity in his lane (5 balls won, 83% of successful passes), he demonstrated obvious progress along the way.

« I'm really happy for him. At the start of the season, he was a little one who arrived on tiptoe and today, he shows his qualities without having to brake », smiled Christopher Jullien, Hérault’s second scorer of the afternoon.

« He’s a young person who brings his good humor, his joy of living and who works. He is rightly rewarded », Ferri said.

Contract, selection: a crazy month of March

Mincarelli racked up the rewards during a somewhat crazy month of March. Before this match in Normandy, on the 31st, he had signed his first professional contract on the 4th, becoming the second player of the 2004 generation, with Khalil Fayad, to reach this milestone.

And between these two dates, he had honored his first two selections for the French youth team (U20), during the last international break.

Nothing to do with chance, believes Michel Der Zakarian.« He’s a young player who has athletic ability and is attentive. He seeks to progress and does so. This is what we expect of him, noted the MHSC coach on Sunday.

Last summer, the technician included the native of Saint-Martin-d’Hères (Isère) in the summer preparation. The kid with the mustache then planted the seeds of the course to come, already delivering an assist during the first friendly against TFC in Béziers. Before a baptism in L1 during the 1st day… facing Le Havre (2-2).

« A position where there is a lot of competition »

Since then, eight tenures have followed. Fed up with Bouches-du-Rhône football, from Lambesc to Aix-en-Provence to Istres where the MHSC recruited him in 2022, the player took the opportunity to show off his natural aggressiveness. Toned and technically skilled, this tough guy at 1.79m also experienced his first lows, notably with a penalty caused in Rennes (2-1).

Covered by the club while waiting for his contract to become effective on July 1, the boy is gaining experience. And experienced a first season at great speed, in the shadow of Issiaga Sylla and alongside a Théo Sainte-Luce who was overtaken in the hierarchy, due to injuries.

« He is in a position where there is a lot of competition, emphasizes Ferri. But he knows how to take the playing time that the coach gives him and in the best possible way. » « With the mentality he has and his qualities, adds the middle, I'm not worried about him. »

At a time when the MHSC more than needs its young people, faced with sporting and economic reality, Mincarelli looks more and more like a project for the future.

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