MHSC: after their expulsion against Nantes, Mincarelli and Nordin know their sanction

MHSC: after their expulsion against Nantes, Mincarelli and Nordin know their sanction

Malgré les protestations de Jordan Ferri, M. Stinat a expulsé Lucas Mincarelli (à gauche), vendredi face à Nantes (1-1).. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

La commission de discipline de la LFP a notamment statué, mardi 30 avril, sur les expulsions des deux Montpelliérains.

The suspense was in order, it ended Tuesday evening. The LFP disciplinary committee, meeting a day earlier due to Wednesday May 1, ruled on the cases of Montpellier Lucas Mincarelli and Arnaud Nordin, expelled during the reception of Nantes (1-1) last Friday .

While the worst, three matches and therefore an end to the season, was feared for the second, he came out rather cheaply. Nordin received two matches of firm suspension and one suspended match. The ex-Stéphanois will therefore be able to participate in the last match of the championship (34th day) and travel to Lens, next Sunday, May 21.

The winger received a red card for an impressive high foot in the face of Nantes defender and former Montpellier player, Nicolas Cozza, in the 95th minute of the match against Nantes.

What about Butte Paillade ?

Expelled in the 91st minute for having held back Bénie Traoré who was racing towards goal, Mincarelli will be suspended for two matches, without any reprieve. A verdict which is not without surprise, given the very different nature of the faults of the two Hérault residents.

There remains the question of the smoke bombs, released in large numbers by Butte Paillade, during this match against Nantes. For similar facts during the trip to Clermont (1-1), on April 14, the Hérault parking lot found itself deprived of a visitors' area in Toulouse, on the occasion of the next trip, Friday 3rd. ;nbsp;may.

This time, the LFP disciplinary committee did not mention it in its minutes. Will the forum be caught up by the body between now and the reception in Monaco, Sunday May 14, the last of the season? The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday May 7 ;nbsp;May at 6 p.m. Until then, the suspense is reignited.

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