MHSC: Arnaud Nordin, Lucas Mincarelli and Tanguy Coulibaly are missing, before the trip to Toulouse

MHSC: Arnaud Nordin, Lucas Mincarelli and Tanguy Coulibaly are missing, before the trip to Toulouse

Arnaud Nordin loupera les deux prochaines rencontres de Ligue 1. – Jean-Michel Mart.

Outre Arnaud Nordin et Lucas Mincarelli, suspendus, l'attaquant Tanguy Coulibaly, touché à une cuisse, est très incertain pour jouer vendredi à Toulouse (19 h).

Montpellier is struggling. He is preparing to challenge Toulouse on Friday evening (7 p.m.) at the Stadium during the 32nd day of Ligue 1 without three players playing on the sides: Arnaud Nordin, Lucas Mincarelli and probably Tanguy Coulibaly.

Excluded at the end of the match on Friday against Nantes (1-1), right winger Arnaud Nordin and left side Lucas Mincarelli are suspended. The former Stephanois, excluded for the first time in his career, received a three-match suspension, including one suspended, following a dangerous gesture to the former's face. Montpellier Nicolas Cozza.

Two match suspension

The young defender Mincarelli (20 years old), who has just signed his first professional contract, was sanctioned with a two-match suspension following a foul in the last defender position.

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Both will be able to make their return during the last meeting of the season in the excitement of Bollaert against Lens d' Elye Wahi.

Hit in the thigh during the warm-up of the match in front of Nantes (1-1), Montpellier's new left winger Tanguy Coulibaly, who arrived in December, suffers from a slight injury. Examinations taken at the beginning of the week revealed no serious nature. The PSG-trained striker went jogging on Wednesday in the rain.

A training session without Kouyaté or Karamoh

"We'll see if he can be in the group or if the deadline is a little short to integrate him", explains ;#39;Montpellier coach Michel Der Zakarian.

Beyond these three players, central defender "Kiki" Kouyaté, victim of gastroenteritis, and striker Yann Karamoh, hampered by tendinitis in one knee, did not train this Wednesday.

Finally, Der Zak has the possibility of relaunching Wahbi Khazri, Théo Sainte-Luce, Sacha Delaye, left in the stands against Nantes. "I'm going to wait until Thursday morning to make my choices", warns Der Zak.

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Three days before the end of the championship (Toulouse, Monaco and Lens), the Montpellier coach has not said his last word. "We're not on vacation, we have the ambition to finish as best as possible. We want to return to Toulouse and Reims",  he says.

Toulouse (10th) and Reims (11th), losing momentum, are ahead of Montpellier by three points. Everything remains possible. 

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